The Party of Lincoln is Dead

It’s time Christians face the fact that the GOP is the Greedy Opportunistic Philanderers now with no resemblance to the party of Lincoln.  It’s time they realize that Paul Ryan, a member of the cult of Ayn Rand, Mitch McConnell, a member of the cult of cowardice, and Donald Trump, a member of the cult of perversity, have utterly effaced any semblace of morals or virtue and have made selfishness the Party Creed.

Lincoln’s Republican Party, a true lighthouse of virtue and decency, has been replaced by the vilest scum and most hellish depravity this Country has ever seen.  The Lord God Almighty has been forsaken and the modern GOP is nothing more than a den of thieves.

God’s righteous wrath cannot descend into its craven and vile midst too soon and when he judges it, and its leaders are utterly ruined, and cast down like a stench festooned menstrual rag along with all the fake Christians like Eric Metaxas and Jerry Falwell Jr and Pat Robertson and Robert Jeffress, and Franklin Graham and Paula White and Jim Bakker and the rest, no angel in heaven will weep, and every demon in hell will rejoice because of the damned wretches they know are headed heir way.

Flee the Sodom and Gomorrah called the GOP, or be swept up with it in its just judgment. 

3 thoughts on “The Party of Lincoln is Dead

  1. “Virtue and decency” were gone from the Republican party by the Grant administration, at the latest. Whichever party gets a grip on power will abuse it according to their own preferences. And own greed.


  2. As you don’t endorse political parties I’m looking forward to your description of the Democratic Party.


    • as soon as trump is in prison there will be plenty of time for that. till then, the roach on the stove is the one that needs the swatter


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