AAR’s ‘Theology and Fashion: The Implications of Bonhoeffer’s Murderous Intentions on Clothing Lines’ Section Prepares for the Annual Meeting

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Here she is, the Project Leader of the Bonhoeffer and fashion section, Professor Charlotte von Barth, taking a break from her busy schedule to sit down with us for a discussion about Bonhoeffer and fashion:

Q: Your work in fashion and theology is world famous.  How did you get interested in the subject?

A: I was reading a biography of Bonhoeffer and I noticed how sharply he was dressed.  So I dug into his background and learned that he mixed theology and fashion and had even designed his own ‘Hitler murder plot’ line of clothing.

Q: How would you describe Bonhoeffer’s fashion sense?

A: Festive- as you can see from my own outfit, which I call ‘Bonhoeffer and bullets’.  Did you know, by the way, that Bonhoeffer designed all of the clothes that Charlotte von Kirschbaum wore when she went to the Bergli to ‘write’ (wink wink nudge nudge) with Barth?  He called that line the ‘CVK KB Collection’.

Q: Did Bonhoeffer’s theology play a direct part in your decisions?

A: No, not really.  His theology is so boring, so trite, and so empty, that if I were to use it as a pallet, it would be grey and dark.

Q: So, Bonhoeffer’s fashion is more important to you than his theology?

A: Yes.

Q: Then who’s theology does play a significant role?

A: Moltmann’s.

Q: That’s very interesting.  Why Moltmann?

A: Because his name reminds me of molting which reminds me of a bird which reminds me of colors.  And that is my inspiration!  Molting birds!!!  MOLTING MAN!

Q: Well that makes perfect sense then.  Thank you for your time.

A: And thank you for your questions.  And, if I may offer you some advice- get more colorful clothing.  It’s what Bonhoeffer would want.  And the redder, the better.  He did like blood.

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