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The Party of Lincoln is Dead

It’s time Christians face the fact that the GOP is the Greedy Opportunistic Philanderers now with no resemblance to the party of Lincoln.  It’s time they realize that Paul Ryan, a member of the cult of Ayn Rand, Mitch McConnell, a member of the cult of cowardice, and Donald Trump, a member of the cult of perversity, have utterly effaced any semblace of morals or virtue and have made selfishness the Party Creed.

Lincoln’s Republican Party, a true lighthouse of virtue and decency, has been replaced by the vilest scum and most hellish depravity this Country has ever seen.  The Lord God Almighty has been forsaken and the modern GOP is nothing more than a den of thieves.

God’s righteous wrath cannot descend into its craven and vile midst too soon and when he judges it, and its leaders are utterly ruined, and cast down like a stench festooned menstrual rag along with all the fake Christians like Eric Metaxas and Jerry Falwell Jr and Pat Robertson and Robert Jeffress, and Franklin Graham and Paula White and Jim Bakker and the rest, no angel in heaven will weep, and every demon in hell will rejoice because of the damned wretches they know are headed heir way.

Flee the Sodom and Gomorrah called the GOP, or be swept up with it in its just judgment. 

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2 Nov 2017 at 10:15 pm

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What Luther Thought of the Papacy

This damned ass-pope and his accursed school of scoundrels in Rome take such great, immeasurable pleasure in making a monkey, fool, and laughingstock of the poor Christian man, indeed, in blaspheming against God in heaven and causing such idolatry in his holy church—he laughs up his sleeve to see such blasphemous, idolatrous lies worshiped, and robs and steals the goods and obedience of the whole world for it—that one is forced to understand that the papacy is (as was said above) the very image of the devil set in the church by the devil to do nothing but instigate lies, blasphemy, and idolatry in order to destroy faith and God’s word, and thus rob the world under him of all it has and owns and lead all the souls to the devil.

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2 Nov 2017 at 7:53 pm

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A Little Tale Luther Tells

In the year of our Lord 1510 (if I remember correctly) I was in Rome and heard tell this story: about seven German miles this side of Rome there is a spot called Ronciglione, where lived, at the time of Paul II (who reigned seventy years ago), a papal official who saw the blasphemous, devilish nature of the pope and his scum in Rome, and did not give the pope his annual tax from his office.

The pope sent for him, he did not come; and whatever the pope ordered him to do, he ignored. Finally the pope put him under the ban, but he did not care about this either. After this, the pope had him tolled out with bells and thrown out and damned with lights extinguished from the pulpit, as is the custom; this did not bother him either. At last, because such obstinate disobedience to the pope in his canon law must be called heresy, he had the official’s portrait drawn on paper, with many devils over his head and on both sides, and had it brought to court, accused, and sentenced to the stake for heresy.

Then straightaway he took the paper to the fire and burned it. The official also had a portrait of the pope amid his cardinals drawn on paper, with lots of devils above and around them, called a court into session, and the pope and cardinals were accused as the worst scoundrels living on earth, doing immeasurable harm to poor people; and if their leader were to die, they would diligently set in his place the very worst one they could find among themselves; they were surely worthy of hell-fire, and many witnesses testified to all this.

Then the judge, the official, and the plaintiffs stepped forth and declared that they should be burned; and quickly, in the name of a thousand devils, he put the picture of the pope and cardinals into the fire to burn them, until the pope forcefully drove him out.*

* Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, vol. 41, 278–279.

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2 Nov 2017 at 7:23 pm

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He Has Very Deep Concerns About This Papacy

This is must reading for the Catholics among you. It’s glorious.

A former chief of staff for the U.S. Bishops’ committee on doctrine has written to Pope Francis saying his pontificate is marked by “chronic confusion” and warning that teaching with a “seemingly intentional lack of clarity risks sinning against the Holy Spirit.”

Capuchin Father Thomas Weinandy, who is now a member of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission, criticized the Pope for “demeaning” the importance of doctrine, committing “calumny” against some of his critics, and appointing bishops who “scandalize” believers with dubious “teaching and pastoral practice.”

See the link for the whole epistle.

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2 Nov 2017 at 6:56 pm

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We Need to Demand Paper Ballots

Here’s why-

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2 Nov 2017 at 4:37 pm

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The Only Reason to Visit That Blog is Lauren’s Essay on Luther


She concludes-

The distinction between Law and Gospel, for Luther, is about how the human person is justified by faith alone apart from works in the event of Christ and the encounter with God in Christ. The offense in this is that works, according to Luther, have no meritorious component, there’s no way to hold God to the bargain: I’ve done my part now you have to do yours. Rather, we are forced to walk in the darkness of faith and trusting fully this God as revealed by Christ, placing all of our hope and assurance in God, by faith in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Read the whole.  It’s the only reason to visit that blog.

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2 Nov 2017 at 3:55 pm

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Signs of the Times

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2 Nov 2017 at 2:45 pm

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The Pope Appears to Want Priests to have the Right to Marry

Not the Onion

Pope Francis has requested a debate over allowing married men in the Amazon region of Brazil to become priests, in a controversial move that is likely to outrage conservatives in the Church, Vatican sources say.

The pontiff took the decision to put a partial lifting of priestly celibacy up for discussion and a possible vote by Brazilian bishops following a request made by Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the president of  the Episcopal Commission for the Amazon, Il Messaggero newspaper quoted the sources saying.

Cardinal Hummes reportedly asked Francis to consider ordaining so-called viri probati, married men of great faith, capable of ministering spiritually to the many remote communities in the Amazon where there is a shortage of priests, and evangelical Christians and pagan sects are displacing Catholicism.

Next, Married Priests everywhere.  Then gay married priests.  Then, maybe, women priests…

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2 Nov 2017 at 2:28 pm

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In A Bold Move to Distract Critics, Trump Announces He’s Gay

The Babylon Bee has the story…

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2 Nov 2017 at 1:35 pm

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A Long Forgotten Genevan Reformer Speaks

The Genevan Reformer Marie Dentiere speaks again after almost 500 years of being silenced…  And Catherine McMillan tells her story.

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2 Nov 2017 at 12:01 pm

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Terrible News

Terrible.  The Eerdmans bookstore is closing.

From its humble beginnings as a shelf of used books in a back room to its current location on Oak Industrial Drive, the Eerdmans Bookstore has been a fixture in the theological book world for the better part of a century. The store will remain open through December 2017, offering discounts on its remaining inventory.

To mark the special place the Eerdmans Bookstore has been to so many over the years, we’ll be publishing a retrospective of the store’s history here on Eerdword in the coming days.

My mood has taken a dark turn.

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2 Nov 2017 at 11:52 am

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From Home Renovations to Bible Renovations…

It’s the natural progression really.

In 2014, HGTV crews followed Jen and Brandon Hatmaker’s quest to overhaul an old farmhouse for their growing family in hit show “My Big Family Renovation.” Now the home improvement cable channel has confirmed that they have asked the Hatmakers back for a new series entitled “My Biblical Doctrine Renovation.”

“The Hatmakers have an uncanny knack for tearing down old, worn-out, traditional things and replacing them with new, shiny fixtures and appliances, and they’ll be using these skills to renovate a traditional teaching from Scripture in each episode,” said an HGTV spokesperson.

“In every fun, relatable episode of the show, the Hatmakers will take a boring, traditional biblical doctrine, rip it to shreds using words like ‘tender’ and ‘nuanced,’ and replace it with something much more modern and acceptable,” the spokesperson said as part of the official announcement on the cable channel’s website.

“Viewers will get to see the detailed, step-by-step process of updating out-of-vogue beliefs into something cutting-edge and trendy.”

According to an early episode guide obtained by reporters, the Hatmakers will turn their renovation skills to the traditional understanding of doctrines like sin, gay marriage, hell, and the church.

At publishing time, Jen Hatmaker had tweeted that she was so excited to begin casting aside centuries of church doctrinal agreement in favor of her own vision that she “can’t even.”

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2 Nov 2017 at 11:20 am

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AAR’s ‘Theology and Fashion: The Implications of Bonhoeffer’s Murderous Intentions on Clothing Lines’ Section Prepares for the Annual Meeting

...Mcc0052063 . Daily Telegraph DT News Camila Batmanghelidjh, Director and Founder of Kids Company, alongside art works produced by children and young people, in the Gallery

Here she is, the Project Leader of the Bonhoeffer and fashion section, Professor Charlotte von Barth, taking a break from her busy schedule to sit down with us for a discussion about Bonhoeffer and fashion:

Q: Your work in fashion and theology is world famous.  How did you get interested in the subject?

A: I was reading a biography of Bonhoeffer and I noticed how sharply he was dressed.  So I dug into his background and learned that he mixed theology and fashion and had even designed his own ‘Hitler murder plot’ line of clothing.

Q: How would you describe Bonhoeffer’s fashion sense?

A: Festive- as you can see from my own outfit, which I call ‘Bonhoeffer and bullets’.  Did you know, by the way, that Bonhoeffer designed all of the clothes that Charlotte von Kirschbaum wore when she went to the Bergli to ‘write’ (wink wink nudge nudge) with Barth?  He called that line the ‘CVK KB Collection’.

Q: Did Bonhoeffer’s theology play a direct part in your decisions?

A: No, not really.  His theology is so boring, so trite, and so empty, that if I were to use it as a pallet, it would be grey and dark.

Q: So, Bonhoeffer’s fashion is more important to you than his theology?

A: Yes.

Q: Then who’s theology does play a significant role?

A: Moltmann’s.

Q: That’s very interesting.  Why Moltmann?

A: Because his name reminds me of molting which reminds me of a bird which reminds me of colors.  And that is my inspiration!  Molting birds!!!  MOLTING MAN!

Q: Well that makes perfect sense then.  Thank you for your time.

A: And thank you for your questions.  And, if I may offer you some advice- get more colorful clothing.  It’s what Bonhoeffer would want.  And the redder, the better.  He did like blood.

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2 Nov 2017 at 9:53 am

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The Final Post in the Christian History Institute’s Reformation Celebration

And it’s a good one.

Thirteen months ago, we kicked off our series of Refo Thursday posts with my initial reflections on Luther’s deathbed remark.  In between, we’ve heard from everyone from seminary professors to songwriters to bloggers to pastors to farmers to college students to our own staff. They’ve reflected on quotes from Martin Luther and John Calvin in great quantity, but also from many others who contributed to the turbulent sixteenth century: Katie Luther, Erasmus, Menno Simons, Thomas Cranmer, Jeanne d’Albret, Katharina Zell, Philipp Melanchthon, Huldrych Zwingli, Pierre Viret, Johannes Bugenhagen, Argula von Grumbach, Catherine Parr, and Andreas Karlstadt.  We’ve thought about issues of prayer, Scripture, fasting, church fellowship, worship, and following Christ–but also about education, war, suffering, marriage, children, politics, and so much more. Life, really.

Enjoy the rest.

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Luther Confesses His Ignorance of Hebrew: January, 1522

Luther Bible, 1534

In a letter to Nicolas von Amsdorf Luther writes

… I shall translate the Bible, although I have here shouldered a burden beyond my power. Now I realize what it means to translate, and why no one has previously undertaken it who would disclose his name.

Of course I will not be able to touch the Old Testament all by myself and without the co-operation of all of you.

Therefore if it could somehow be arranged that I could have a secret room with any one of you, I would soon come and with your help would translate the whole book from the beginning, so that it would be a worthy translation for Christians to read. For I hope we will give a better translation to our Germany than the Latins have.

It is a great and worthy undertaking on which we all should work, since it is a public matter and should be dedicated to the common good.*

Worth noting is the fact that when Zwingli and the Zurichers translated the Bible, Zwingli was chiefly in charge of the Hebrew Bible.  The entire Zurich Bible appeared in 1531.  Luther’s, in 1534.   Poor Luther, he couldn’t read Jeremiah (or the rest) without help… like a little child led by the hand.

*Luther’s Works, vol. 48: Letters I, p. 363.

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Today With Zwingli: Why He Wrote His “Suggestio deliberandi super propositione Hadriani Nerobergae facta”

zw.jpgA friend, writing from Ravensburg, in Wurtemberg, twenty-two miles east-north-east of Constance, had informed Zwingli, under date of November 2, 1522, that at the Imperial Diet at Nuremberg that year it was declared that the Pope had four plans in hand: “peace between Cæsar and Pompey [i. e., between the Emperor and the King of France]; the annihilation of the cause of Luther; the reform of the Church; and a war against the Turks.”

This was the occasion of Zwingli’s Latin pamphlet, hastily written as usual, entitled: “A suggestion of the advisability of reflecting upon the proposal made by Pope Adrian to the princes of Germany at Nuremberg; written by one who has deeply at heart the welfare of the Republic of Christ in general and of Germany in particular.”

It is characterised by Zwingli’s qualities of clear-mindedness, candour, modesty, and Christian zeal. It contains several skilful quotations of Scripture. It expresses great scepticism as to the reality of the alleged papal schemes except the crushing of Luther; and against that it utters an emphatic protest. No reformation could come from Rome.*

Zwingli concludes this little Flugschrift thusly:

Summa summarum: Nemo tam hebes sit, ut propter Romanenses, qui Germaniam tot sęculis riserunt, quicquam tumulti excitet etiamsi Christi causa non ageretur; iterum nemo tam servili ac abiecto animo, ut, ultro oblata libertate, nolit ea iuxta Pauli verbum potius uti, quam infructuosę imo detrimentosę, servitutis loris teneri. Esaię 8 [Jes. 8. 9f.]: Congregamini populi et vincemini, et audite universę procul terrę! Confortamini et vincemini, accingite vos et vincemini, inite consilium et dissipabitur, loquimini verbum et non fiet, quia nobiscum deus.

*Samuel Macauley Jackson, Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531) (Heroes of the Reformation; New York; London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons; Knickerbocker Press, 1901), 176–177.

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Yup- The Congress We Have is the Fault of Voters

If you want to know what’s wrong with America, look in the mirror and blame yourself for sending the same criminals to Congress that you always vote for. Because you like your guy and blame everything on everyone else’s guy.  Never realizing that the entire Congress, every member, each and every single one of them, is corruption enfleshed.

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2 Nov 2017 at 7:24 am

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