Commentary Plagiarism, Again, Causes Baker to Pull Koestenberger’s Commentary on John

Baker writes

The commentary on John by Andreas Köstenberger in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series has been declared out of print. Baker Academic recently became aware that while the author frequently cites D. A. Carson in the volume, he also used some material from Dr. Carson’s Pillar commentary on John without sufficient attribution and beyond the limits of fair use. After a thorough examination of the matter, we have determined that the only suitable solution at this time is to cease publication of the BECNT John volume.

Dr. Köstenberger was the first to bring this matter to our attention. He has identified the cause of the problem, has apologized to his mentor Dr. Carson, and has made restitution to Dr. Carson and his publisher. Dr. Köstenberger also intends to produce a new edition of the commentary that will bring it into conformity with academic publishing standards and incorporate his more recent research on John.

Baker Publishing Group regrets the inconvenience caused by this matter. We will work with accounts and customers to rectify any concerns raised. And we affirm our ongoing commitment to publishing in accordance with the standards of the academy and the publishing industry.

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