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Dillettante of the Month

Meet Rev Endwell… who insists that there are UFOs in the Bible. Mr Endwell wins the Dilly the Dillettante Award for the month of October.    ‘Well’ done Endwell…

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The Suicide Attempt that Became A Murder

Police say a 12-year-old boy jumped from an overpass above Interstate 66 in northern Virginia and fell onto a car, killing the driver. The incident took place Saturday afternoon in Fairfax County. Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said in … Continue reading

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A New Facebook Group For Scholars of the Biblical Languages

Titled ‘Teaching Biblical Languages‘.  It may be of interest to you.  It’s a pedagogy and resource-sharing group for teachers of Koine and Classical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Aramaic!

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The Bible in the Light of Archaeology: A Public Lecture by Michael Langlois

This will be very much worth your time, if you are able to attend. What do archaeological discoveries teach us about the Bible? Do biblical narratives convey historical reality? What do we know about the world of Abraham, Moses, and … Continue reading

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