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Eye of the Tiber is in A Mood… And Home Schoolers Are in the Crosshairs…

Nebraska homeschooler Jimmy White was overjoyed early Tuesday morning when his sister Jenna White accepted his proposal to go to homeschool prom with him. The homeschool senior told EOTT that he was nervous thinking about how embarrassed he would be … Continue reading

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Ugh. Just Stop With the Cutesy Yet Meaningless Bumper Sticker Theology

We aren’t little fish and we are never even metaphorically described as such in scripture.  We aren’t born in water because baptism doesn’t regenerate us.  If it did, you could dunk folk all the time against their will and they … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly Is Mad at God…

For letting him get caught as a sexual predator.   Typical loudmouth, unwilling to take responsibility.  What a vile wretch. Bill- it’s YOUR FAULT that you’re a slimy pervert.

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Today With Zwingli

On 24 October, 1529, Zwingli published his edition of the Marburg Articles – along with marginal notes of his own. It’s intriguing in that it allows readers to see what Zwingli thought of each article, in his own words along … Continue reading

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‘Luther’s Church Has Many Fathers’, By Peter Opitz

Die Reformation begann schon vor Luther. Und es gibt Reformation ohne Luther. Doch Luther traf den Nerv der Zeit. Read it.

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