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Poor Scholars Need Protection from Scholarship… Bless Their Hearts

If we as a community of scholars has gotten to the point that we need someone else to review our reviews to protect us from confessionalism (or scholarship) Cthulhu save us all.

Read the post where that’s the final sentence here.

Signs of the Times: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Here Ya Go… The Demons Dream Job

If you’re a demon I suppose this is the best job you could hope for… herding people into the flames.

As First Baptist, Dallas, Continues to Be Nothing More Than A Republican Convention Meeting…

The Bee continues to mock.  Because in truth Jeffress is no pastor and First Baptist Dallas is no church.  He is a Republican shill and First Baptist is a Republican party cult disguised as a Church.

An emotional, moving service at First Baptist Dallas Sunday morning resulted in hundreds of new Republican Party registrations, sources at the Southern Baptist megachurch confirmed.

Hosted by two devoted ministers of the gospel of conservatism, Sean Hannity and Robert Jeffress, the service convinced hundreds of lost liberals they could no longer deny the truth and beauty of the current Trumpist version of the GOP.

“It truly was a beautiful thing—a God thing, really,” Pastor Robert Jeffress said later. “First one man in the front stood up, weeping, and declared he wanted to register as a Republican and ensure four more years of Trump in the White House. Then another followed, and another. They started falling like dominoes.”

The “spontaneous move of the Spirit” resulted in hundreds standing and declaring their newfound faith in the gospel of Republicanism. The new converts then streamed to the front of the church, where ushers had set up folding tables with the necessary forms to register to vote as a Republican Party member in good standing.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that at least one new convert had rushed the stage to touch the hem of Sean Hannity’s suit jacket in hopes of healing himself of the deadly sin of liberalism.

Union University’s ‘Ref500’ Conference Videos

Online here.  Take a look.

Beyond the Texts: An Archaeological Portrait of Ancient Israel and Judah

By William Dever.

Ah Yes, The Little Known Journey Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli Made to Africa to Learn How to Reform…

Emerging Cults

We probably need to start discussing the cult of the military dead.‬  The honoring of dead soldiers is commendable- festishizing them is isolatry.

As a nation we are on the cusp of fetishizing.

Follow the Swiss National Museum

Great stuff from every period of Swiss history.

Material und Magie – «Zwinglis Helm» auf Zeitreise

A wonderful article on the helmet Zwingli was wearing when the Papists murdered him at Kappel-am-Albis.

Der Eisenhelm in der Sammlung des Schweizerischen Nationalmuseums soll einmal das Haupt des sterbenden Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) geschützt haben. Belege für die tatsächliche Herkunft dieser katholischen Trophäe gibt es aber nicht.

Go on now and read it in English here.

Book Update: The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity

Naturally I can’t recommend something I’ve not read- but I can recommend you take a look at it in case it interests you.

LXX Studies


We are about one week away from the UK release (Nov. 2) of The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity: Texts and Analysis written by me and Ed Gallagher and published by Oxford. You can preview the book on Google Books. You can also pre-order the book on Amazon UK (£35.00) or Amazon USA ($45.00). The book is scheduled to release in the USA on Jan. 2, 2018.

Ed has already provided a good overview of our book on his blog. I have a post scheduled to appear on the ETC blog next week that situates our book within canon studies generally and shows its significance to the field.

The reason we believe most will want to own the book is the four chapters devoted to all of the Jewish and Christian canon lists in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Syriac with parallel English translations and notes up to around 400…

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Christmas is Coming…

That can only mean one thing: pretty soon someone is going to announce the ‘discovery’ of a ‘text’ that will ‘shake the foundations of Christian faith’.

Can’t wait to see what it is this year?  I’m all tingly.  Will it be another ‘manuscript’ published by HTR which describes Jesus’s marriage to his sister or will it come in the form of a grave which contains the ‘body of Jesus and his entire family!’

I just can’t wait!