The Greatest Theologians…

All lived before the second century CE.  They are the folk who wrote what would become Scripture (the Bible).  And no theologian since has been worthy to lick the dust from their feet.

They were, one and all, geniuses.  From the author of Ps 137 to Qoheleth to Isaiah to the Deuteronomists to Luke and John and James and all the rest.  Peerless geniuses.

Thank God for them.

A Delightful Curse on a Lead Scroll


Kim Rendfeld

Only a historical novelist would use the word “delightful” to describe a curse inscribed on a rolled thin sheet of lead. Well, maybe an archaeologist or historian might know what I mean.

In research for my short story “Betrothed to the Red Dragon,” I came across this tidbit. Followers of the Celtic deity Sulis would write their requests to her on a lead scroll or tablet and toss it in a sacred hot spring at Bath. When the Roman ruled over Britain, that spring did some double duty as a space for devotion to Sulis and the Roman goddess Minerva. In fact, she is often called Sulis Minerva.

Roman baths Roman baths at Bath Spa in England (Photo by David Iliff, license CC-BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

To polytheistic Celts, it was not a big deal. They could still worship Sulis and let her know their wishes, a lot of them…

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According to Jim Bakker, Donald Trump Loves God So Much that Unbelievers Hate Him

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker said on his television program today that “unsaved people are going insane” because they can’t handle the fact that President Trump honors God.  “Unsaved people are going insane,” he said. “They can’t take it. They can’t believe that a person was elected to the presidency that honored God, that wants to keep the cross on top of your church and Jesus in your heart.” Bakker said that while Trump “wants to stop killing the babies,” his opponents are fighting to keep abortion legal despite the fact that “this is one of the main reasons … judgment finally came to America.” “Everybody is for abortion that is still alive,” Bakker said, before quietly admitting, “I don’t know what that means.”

How deranged is Bakker?  And does he even know what it means to honor God?