Let’s Hear it For Gnosticism….

And the embrace of the insubstantial and ephemeral….  Hip, hip, hooray….

Do people calling themselves theologians even try to think about what they’re saying anymore? Or is old heresy so unknown to them that they don’t know that they’re puking it up?

Military Worship

Just a reminder :  Generals are not above questioning or being dead wrong and soldiers are not all paragons of virtue or sacrifice.   Maybe it’s best not to pretend otherwise and thus fall into idolatry.  After all, worship of the military is a sin.

Why Doesn’t The Church Talk About the Problem of Divorce When it Talks About Marriage?

Because too many Deacons and Pastors are divorced and Churches are filled with divorced people and it’s just too darn uncomfortable to discuss it, that’s why.  So, good for you, Bee

Many people claim to be proponents of traditional marriage, but so many are all talk and no action. Very few can back it up with a life that proves their fervor for the sanctity of the holy union.

Well, meet Gary Black—a rare exception to the rule. He has shown his great love and respect for the God-ordained institution by participating in four separate marriages thus far in his life. And he might not even be done yet. Talk about a culture warrior going above and beyond!

“Modern culture is tearing down the sacred union between man and wife,” Black told reporters gathered outside his home Friday, which he got as part of the divorce settlement with his third wife, Patricia.

“Legislators don’t define marriage—God does,” he continued. “No matter what the courts say, we have to stand for God’s design in marriage, which I’ve done now four times.”

“Standing for traditional marriage can be difficult—as someone with three ex-wives, hoo boy, do I ever know how hard it can be—but we must grit our teeth and work toward preserving the traditional family unit.”

According to Black, he is happily married but “there’s a good chance” he will divorce his current wife Margaret either next year or whenever the spark between them dies down, whichever comes first, at which time he will likely seek to enter a fifth sacred covenant in order to reaffirm his incredible commitment to traditional marriage.

Way to go, Gary!

So, really, if you’re cool with divorce, maybe talk less about how much you value marriage.

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Go Read This Essay on Hebrews

By Tim Bertolet.

This article proposes a better source for the Son’s cry in Hebrews 5:7. It begins by surveying sources previous scholars have identified, including Jesus’ cry in Gethsemane and Golgotha, several Psalms, and the Maccabean martyr literature. It is then argued that these background sources for the language are insufficient. Instead the author of Hebrews has an entire motif from the Psalter as his informing source: the Davidic figure that cries out in trust to be delivered from a death-like experience. Firstly, the motif of the Davidic righteous suffering in the LXX Psalms is demonstrated. Secondly, Hebrews’ use of the Messianic royal figure is demonstrated and thirdly, Hebrews 5:7 as a portrait of the Christ who cries out for deliverance is demonstrated. Thus, Hebrews 5:7 sees the Son as the Davidic king who is the true representative human exercising trust in YHWH, bringing to fulfilment the theme from various Psalms.

Of Course… But Remember, there is no ‘Slippery Slope’…

And those advocating for gay marriage are in absolutely no position to object to prostitution because ‘love is love’.  Purchasers love cheap sex and sellers love money.

A federal appeals court gave the go-ahead Thursday to activists seeking to overturn California’s 145-year ban on commercial sex. A three-judge panel of 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said the plaintiffs’ legal challenge against the ban may proceed.

The plaintiffs say the current law violates the right to engage in consensual sex, as described in a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that revoked criminal laws against gay sexual acts, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. “I believe people in this country have the right to act this way and to make a living this way,” attorney Louis Sirkin told a judicial panel, KTVU-TV reported.

The pro prostitution crowd will prevail.  Such are the times in which we live, when all do what is ‘right in their own eyes’ and truly, there is no Divine King in the land…

[With thanks to James Spinti for the heads up].

UK’s favourite pastime – predicting meteorological apocalypses



Those living in the UK will probably have already realised that we are just entering the ‘open season’ for Britain’s most favourite hobby – predicting that we are about to experience the worst winter weather on record (and possibly before then). With its own lexicon that includes terms like ‘polar vortex’, ‘weather/ arctic bomb’, ‘big freeze’,  and ‘chaos’, as well as its stock of pantomime characters (hapless rail companies, struggling pensioners, unprepared councils, heroic teams of gritters, snow-balling bobbies, and the plucky Brit (always white and middle-management) who manages to ski to work down the M4), we are regaled with doom laden scenarios of terrifying propensities in the same way that our predecessors were entertained by fireside ghost stories.

The Daily Express (with the Mail close behind) excel in this art. In fact their forecasts of savage winter blizzards are now as much part of autumn as falling leaves and…

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