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Preaching Notes

Using notes whilst preaching usually means You aren’t very familiar with Scripture. You don’t understand Scripture. You can’t intepret or explain Scripture. You want to say more than Scripture says, or less. And sometimes it’s all of the above.

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Eisenbraun’s:  Absorbed by the Borg

Sad face.  Penn State Uni Press has absorbed Eisenbraun’s.

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The Pope, The Lunch, The Convicts, The Escape

This story makes me unnaturally happy.  I thought it was satire, it is SO absurd.  But it turns out it’s true.  What a glorious way to have a miserable day improved! They were supposed to be having lunch with Pope … Continue reading

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If You Want People to Attend Your Church, The Secret is the Coffee….

Pretty much, Bee.  Pretty. Much. Local believers Austin and Paige Henderson have announced their decision to join the Axis Church after several months spent sampling pre-service coffee offerings in churches throughout the city, reports confirmed. According to the couple, the … Continue reading

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So Obviously Jerusalem Should Be Controlled by the Italians…

So, here’s the thing, every time an Israeli archaeologist finds some trinket or bauble or inscribed piece of garbage great hay is made of the fact and cries screech across the world of ‘see, here’s proof that this is our … Continue reading

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Words You Can Use

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‘Soul Winning’ – An Observation

You don’t ‘win souls’, the Holy Spirit does.   Likewise, you can’t ‘lose souls’ because they aren’t yours to begin with. You’re merely a pointer- like John the Baptist, saying ‘he must increase and I must decrease’.  That’s your job.  Period.

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A New Scent from Christian Dior for the Theologian in Your Family: “Dogmatics”

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You Can Get Barth’s ‘Church Dogmatics’ For $75

From Logos, for Logos.  And you get to flirt with Karl for free, just like CvK did! Just don’t let your wife see your secretary looking at you the way Lotte is looking at Karl… and if you’re smart, you’ll … Continue reading

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Jim Bakker is a Fraud, a Liar, a Lunatic, and a False Teacher

I don’t know if he thinks I’m making fun of him by telling the truth, but I’m willing to take my chances.

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Sorry But You Don’t Get to Invent Genders Just Because You Feel Like It

So you can sign as many pieces of paper that you wish- you can’t establish thereby the existence of a ‘third gender’. Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill making California the first to widely recognize being nonbinary — … Continue reading

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V&R published this volume just last year, but it seems particularly relevant these days. The link provides a flipbook showing the table of contents and other front matter. The question of the justice or righteousness of God has tormented (or … Continue reading

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The Religious Right Has Destroyed Itself

And good riddance to you ‘Evangelicals’ who are really nothing more than paltry squalid silly political opportunists.

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Are You Honest? The GOP is Not For You

So true.  And so tragic. According to a new CBS News poll, almost 60 percent of the American public believes that the current Republican tax plan favors the wealthy. Some people see this number as a sign that the plan is … Continue reading

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Sigrist on Zwingli

In der «Regionaljournal»-Herbstserie gibt Huldrych Zwingli Antworten auf die drängendsten Fragen unserer Zeit. Anlässlich der Feierlichkeiten zum 500-Jahre-Jubiläum der Reformation sprechen wir mit Christoph Sigrist. Der Grossmünster-Pfarrer erzählt, wie Zwingli die grossen Fragen der heutigen Zeit beantworten würde. Enjoy.

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Total Depravity: They Were in the Oven and She Turned it On

A warrant says an Atlanta woman put her two young sons in an oven and turned it on.  Local media reported Monday that the warrant charging Lamora Williams with murder in the deaths of 1-year-old son Ja’Karter Penn and 2-year-old … Continue reading

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Akte Zwingli

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