The Guardian’s Take on ‘The Museum of the Bible’

It is a museum of biblical proportions – and it is stirring controversies to match.

Opening next month in Washington, the Museum of the Bible cost half a billion dollars to build, spans 430,000 sq ft over eight floors and claims to be the most hi-tech museum in the world. Reading every placard, seeing every artifact and experiencing every activity would take an estimated 72 hours.

But while it is not the monument to creationism that some liberals feared, the sprawling museum has attracted scepticism over both its ideological mission and the provenance of its collection. It is the brainchild of evangelical Christian Steve Green, the billionaire president of Hobby Lobby, an arts and crafts chain that won a supreme court case allowing companies with religious objections to opt out of contraceptive coverage under Barack Obama’s healthcare law.

Green, who since 2009 has amassed a vast collection of biblical texts and artifacts, is making a big statement with the museum’s location: two blocks south of the National Mall, home to the US Capitol and Smithsonian Institution museums – including the National Museum of Natural History, which has exhibits on dinosaurs and human evolution – and could hardly be closer to the centre of power.

Read the whole.  Very much worth your time.

No Majority of any Age Group Approves of Trump

Gallup on Trump job performance by age:

  • 18-34 approve 22%, disapprove 73%;
  • 35-54 approve 35%, disapprove 59%;
  • 55+ approve 46% disapprove 50%

The younger the more disapproving. Say farewell to the House and the Senate if these kids get up off their parents’ couch and vote, GOP.

Of course, to be fair, if they had gotten off the couch and voted before, Trump wouldn’t be in office in the first place. So the kids who disapprove have only themselves to blame.

America’s Moral Bankruptcy…

Is best demonstrated by the fact that pop singers and jocks are seen as the clearest moral compasses inhabiting our land.

Evangelicals have abandoned their posts, people of faith are silent or worse, complicit in society’s decay and supportive of the reprobate in the White House, and elected officials are as vile as the people they represent.

America is already dead and just doesn’t realize it.

Today With Zwingli: Writing a Friend

At the end of a letter discussing such fun theological topics as ‘synechdoche’, Zwingli makes this interesting remark about the Eucharist-

In eucharistiae re gratulor vobis, te nostrum esse factum. Verum gratiam meretur novitas; brevi enim spero omnes, qui adhuc obstrepunt, tropum, qui nullo negocio videri vobis debebat, visuros esse, ac sententiae nostrae simplicitatem ac claritatem. Una est spiritualis manducatio, quo filio dei, pro nobis delitato, fidimus, non duę; quarum altera nescio quod verborum figmentum prodimus, carnaliter, corporaliter, spiritualiter.

That kernal of thought would bear fruit in 1529.  And forever after.