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A Special Journal Issue Focusing on the Anniversary of Luther’s Efforts to Reform

sehepunkte 17 (2017), Nr. 10

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

selten räumt der deutsche Staat einem Ereignis den Stellenwert eines offiziellen Feiertages ein. Dieses Jahr ist es bekanntlich am 31. Oktober zur Erinnerung an ‘500 Jahre Reformation’ wieder einmal der Fall.

Dieses Jubiläum hält nicht nur die (protestantischen) Kirchen seit Jahren in Atem, sondern hat auch in der historischen Forschung seine deutlichen Spuren hinterlassen. Die Fülle an Gedenkveranstaltungen, Lesungen, Ausstellungen und Publikationen aller Art kann sich leicht mit dem ‘output’ zu anderen historischen Jubiläen (einschließlich der Erinnerung an die Weltkriege) messen oder übertrifft diesen sogar noch.

Auch unser Journal trägt diesem Publikationsreigen mit einem besonders umfangreichen FORUM Rechnung. Sehr herzlich danken wir in diesem Zusammenhang Judith Becker (Berlin) und Bettina Braun (Mainz) für ihren einleitenden Beitrag. Wir haben uns darüber hinaus bewusst dafür entschieden, zum Gedenktag selbst nur eine erste Auswahl von Rezensionen zu publizieren. Ein weiteres FORUM ‘Reformation II’ wird in den nächsten Monaten folgen.

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You Won’t Cheer Up If You Hang With Wretches…

Fun advice from Richard Baxter-

Not that I would have you do as the foolish sinners of the world do, to drink away melancholy, and keep company with sensual, vain, and unprofitable persons, that will draw you deeper into sin, and so make your wound greater instead of healing it, and multiply your troubles when you are forced to look back on your sinful loss of time. But keep company with the more cheerful sort of the godly. There is no mirth like the mirth of believers.

Or in short, the wretches won’t make you feel better.

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You Sure Aren’t Who You Used to Be…

‘Write to the angel of the church in Ephesus and say, “Here is the message of the one who holds the seven stars in his right hand and who lives among the seven golden lamp-stands:  I know your activities, your hard work and your perseverance. I know you cannot stand wicked people, and how you put to the test those who were self-styled apostles, and found them false. I know too that you have perseverance, and have suffered for my name without growing tired.  Nevertheless, I have this complaint to make: you have less love now than formerly. Think where you were before you fell; repent, and behave as you did at first, or else, if you will not repent, I shall come to you and take your lamp-stand from its place.  (Rev. 2:1-5)

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Lamenting Abel

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False Christians

False Christians that boast of the Gospel, and yet do bring no good fruits, are like the clouds without rain, wherewith the whole element is overshadowed, gloomy and darkened, and yet no rain falleth from them to fructify the ground: even so, many Christians pretend great sanctity and holiness, but they have neither faith towards God, nor love towards their neighbour. – Martin Luther

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Mike Huckabee Is a Liar and A Fraud

And he’s precisely the reason Evangelicals are viewed as such worthless and useless members of society.  Huckabee is what unfaithfulness to Christ and the truth looks like.

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Zwingli: On the Perpetrators of Fraud

If it is found that he [i.e., someone] has gained his ends fraude egisse, i.e., by fraud, one owes him no more than the Romans did Jugurtha, who by means of bribes sought to have the murder of his own brothers entirely disregarded, of which he boasted openly when leaving Rome, saying: “Oh this venal city! A merchant could attain anything he pleased if he only had enough money”; and in fact Jugurtha could have proved the truth of his own words if the upright Metellus Numidicus had not defeated and overthrown him on several occasions and thus seriously injured his cause; for too long a period had Jugurtha bred treachery in Rome by means of his money. And finally he fell into the hands of the Romans. Thus, in accordance with the proverb, “deceit turns upon its own creator,” and it is well thus when someone attempts to commit treachery and does something behind the back of upright people. — Huldrych Zwingli

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Chaos! At, of all Places… The Frankfurt Book Fair…

Strange times….

Linksgerichtete Demonstranten stellten sich den Teilnehmern einer Buchpräsentation des Antaios-Verlags, unter ihnen auch AfD-Rechtsaussen Björn Höcke, mit lautstarken Protesten entgegen. Polizisten hatten alle Mühe, beide Seiten voneinander zu trennen.

Die Stände rechtsgerichteter Verlage waren schon vor der Eskalation am vorletzten Buchmessentag Ziel von Attacken politischer Gegner. In der Nacht zum Freitag war ein Gemeinschaftsstand der Zeitschrift «Tumult» und des Verlags Manuscriptum von Unbekannten leergeräumt worden. Antaios und andere der Neuen Rechten nahestehende Verlage warfen dem Börsenverein vor, ihre Stände nicht genügend vor linken Aktivisten geschützt zu haben.

Well at least they get excited about books… so there’s that….

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The Death of Oswald Myconius

myconiusThe editor of Calvin’s letters remarks

Oswald Myconius of Lucerne, the distinguished philologist and theologian, [was the] disciple of Glarean and of Erasmus. He taught literature at Zurich in the lifetime of Zwingli, who honoured him with his friendship; was then called to Basle, where he discharged the office of theological pastor, and was elected first pastor on the decease of Œcolampadius, (1531.) Zealous partisan of the Lutheran dogma of the Sacraments, in his relations with the Swiss churches, he was ever animated by a spirit of moderation and gentleness, which procured him the constant affection of Calvin. He died October 15, 1552, at the age of sixty-three years.

He was one of the good guys.  No one knows about him these days, to their loss.

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Luther Addresses America’s Politicians

lutherAs far as I have been able to see and hear, you have no argument but high-sounding words of sacrilege. Everyone ought properly to shun and avoid you as messengers of none other than the devil. – Martin Luther

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You Cannot Serve God and Trump

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