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Why Are Preachers Really Paid?

Preachers of the Gospel don’t get paid for preaching. They get paid for enduring people that God doesn’t even want in heaven. –  John Calvin (or he should have said it)

Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography

A new volume on Luther by the superbly brilliant Herman Selderhuis has just been published.  Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography.

This biography by respected Reformation scholar Herman Selderhuis captures Luther in his original context and follows him on his spiritual journey, from childhood through the Reformation to his influential later years. Combining Luther’s own words with engaging narrative designed to draw the reader into Luther’s world, this spiritual biography brings to life the complex and dynamic personality that forever changed the history of the church.

The link above includes the table of contents and a few endorsements, as well as a link to some of the content.  Take a look.  Selderhuis is a very good, very careful, very fair, and very insightful researcher.  This will be (is) a very good volume.

Especially If You Never Remember It, Right Martin?

Ah yes- that thing the papists do that you will never remember and someone has to tell you that it happened… so comforting…

Quote of the Day

zwingliNo man is even capable of administering an elected office properly unless he is a Christian. — Huldrych Zwingli

Let those who have ears, hear.