Historical Understanding is Dead

  • Papists praising Luther
  • ‘Christians’ praising Trump
  • Lutherans praising the Pope

All proof of the end of historical understanding. Were any of these groups capable of understanding history, specifically the history of Christian theology, none of this could happen.

Weinstein is Expelled from the Academy…

Harvey Weinstein — who more than anyone defined the sharp-elbowed art of Oscar campaigning — has been expelled from the group that presents the Academy Awards.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences board voted on Saturday to strip the Hollywood mogul’s membership after days of sexual harassment and assault allegations.

Meanwhile, the so called Christians at the so called Value Voters gathering have continued to endorse and support a man as depraved and perverse as Weinstein… and they think they know the Gospel.

The behavior of Christians, or so called Christians, towards Trump and their absolute willingness to continue to endure his repulsive doings is the precise reason the World scorns the Gospel and the Church.

If you won’t denounce evil, you are evil.  And many Evangelicals are evil.  And it’s time for Christian theologians, Pastors, and Biblical Scholars to say so.  Loudly and clearly.  So that the world has no confusion about where authentic Christians stand and what they represent.

Trump supporters need to repent.

Weinstein is Just a Symptom of the Sickness of Moral Bankruptcy

And the Bee is on the mark again.

In the wake of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal sending shockwaves through Hollywood, the nation’s elite members of the entertainment industry have expressed their puzzlement at the fact that the country has fallen so far in morality and ethics, when the very same people have created and promoted entertainment that celebrates moral bankruptcy, sources confirmed.

Directors, actors, writers, and producers who have profited off disgusting, repulsive works that would have been unthinkable just a decade ago all voiced their shock at the fact that Weinstein’s behavior could go unchecked for so long, in addition to expressing incredulity at the nation’s indifference to President Trump’s total lack of moral character. Particularly outspoken on the nation’s morality was Steve Pink, director of Hot Tub Time Machine 2, who blasted the country for its lack of ethics, respect, and dignity.

“How did it get like this? How could we possibly have elected a reality TV star as our president?” one prominent director of reality TV shows said in an interview Friday evening. “I just don’t understand how reality TV’s empty values could possibly have infiltrated our society.”

Earlier this week, popular rapper Eminem even blasted President Trump for his disgusting ethics and repulsive lack of morals, the explicit hip-hop artist stating later that he has no idea why the nation’s sense of morality is so far askew. “Where do they get these violent tendencies?” he asked later. “It’s like they’re just coming up out of thin air.”

At publishing time, a wildly popular star of violent movies that glorify war, murder, and the U.S. industrial-complex expressed his total bafflement that the nation seems to have gotten increasingly violent both domestically and abroad.

Our Puerto Rican Brothers and Sisters Are Being Forced to Drink Contaminated Water

Because our government doesn’t care about them, even though they are citizens.  If Trump and his administration were worthy of contempt before, they are worthy of damnation now.

Jose Luis Rodriguez waited in line Friday to fill plastic jugs in the back of his pickup truck with water for drinking, doing the dishes and bathing.

But there is something about this water Rodriguez didn’t know: It was being pumped to him by water authorities from a federally designated hazardous-waste site, CNN learned after reviewing Superfund documents and interviewing federal and local officials.

Rodriguez, 66, is so desperate for water that this news didn’t startle him.
“I don’t have a choice,” he said. “This is the only option I have.”

More than three weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged this island, more than 35% of the island’s residents — American citizens — remain without safe drinking water.

This is Trump’s doing.  He will be held accountable for it.

Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography

A new volume on Luther by the superbly brilliant Herman Selderhuis has just been published.  Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography.

This biography by respected Reformation scholar Herman Selderhuis captures Luther in his original context and follows him on his spiritual journey, from childhood through the Reformation to his influential later years. Combining Luther’s own words with engaging narrative designed to draw the reader into Luther’s world, this spiritual biography brings to life the complex and dynamic personality that forever changed the history of the church.

The link above includes the table of contents and a few endorsements, as well as a link to some of the content.  Take a look.  Selderhuis is a very good, very careful, very fair, and very insightful researcher.  This will be (is) a very good volume.

On The Anniversary of James Barr’s Death

It was the 14th of October, 2006 (it doesn’t seem like it has been 11 years) that James Barr, one of the most brilliant Old Testament scholars of our day (or any day) died.    Academically speaking, he’s my grandpa.  Both of my major Professors in Seminary, Sam Balentine and John Durham studied with Barr at Oxford.

All those who knew Professor Barr were forever changed by the encounter.  May his name continue to be a blessing and his work an influence.