Values Voters and Donald Trump: Hypocrisy Abounds

Donald Trump’s only values center on selfishness and greed.  And Trump’s ‘values voters’ are hypocrites who care nothing for values or they never would have voted for Trump.  People with authentic values don’t support immorality, for any reason or under any pretense.  People with real values uphold those values no matter what- even if it means not voting at all rather than voting for evil.

Trump lacks values and his voters do as well.  Which makes them the perfect team.

The Bee Stings Pentebabbleist ‘Personal Revelations’

A new edition of the Bible released by Charisma House publishing includes hundreds of blank pages sandwiched between the book of Revelation and the usual array of maps of the Bible lands, sources confirmed Friday.

The new pages, intended to be used for regular, personal revelation from God directly to present-day Christians, reportedly come completely blank, so new authoritative directives from the Almighty can be added to the canon.

“Believers receiving private prophecies and words from the Lord have often been confused as to whether these revelations carry the same authority as Scripture,” a Charisma House representative said Friday. “Now, with the Personal Revelation Edition of the Holy Scriptures, you won’t have to wonder anymore, as every whisper from the Lord into your ear can be recorded right in the Bible and instantly adopted into the canon as the inerrant Word of God.”

According to the representative, the Bible is also available in a digital edition, which is fully editable and amendable as new words come from the Lord.

It’s also ideal for Millennials and Emergents, who love to make the Bible in their own image.  Right Rachel Held- Evans and Nadia Bolz-Weber?

The Re-Baptizers Annoyed Zwingli

So he wrote them-

“Hundreds of times I have said openly, ‘I beseech you by Jesus Christ, by our common faith, not to make any change rashly, but to show to all men by your endurance, if in no other way, that you are Christians, in that on account of the weak you bear things that by Christ’s law you do not need to bear.’ ”

Or in other words, calm down and let things develop naturally rather than forcing your views at the point of open warfare, you idiots.

You Aren’t ‘Entitled to Your Beliefs’…

When those beliefs are contrary to truth.  Your beliefs are subject to and subservient to the truth.  You don’t decide what’s true.  You are not the arbiter or judge of truth.  The truth pre-exists you and will outlive you.  Your task is to discover the truth and be obedient to it in thought and behavior.  Any belief not based in and on the truth is a false belief and therefore a lie.  And you are not entitled to propagate lies.  No, you are not entitled to your beliefs.  You are entitled to being truthful.  Nothing less, and nothing more.

Why Donald “Saul” Trump is President

farel_telling_calvin_genevaI admit, indeed, that God often acts in the reprobate by interposing the agency of Satan; but in such a manner, that Satan himself performs his part, just as he is impelled, and succeeds only in so far as he is permitted. The evil spirit that troubled Saul is said to be from the Lord (1 Sam. 16:14), to intimate that Saul’s madness was a just punishment from God. Satan is also said to blind the minds of those who believe not (2 Cor. 4:4). But how so, unless that a spirit of error is sent from God himself, making those who refuse to obey the truth to believe a lie? According to the former view, it is said, “If the prophet be deceived when he has spoken a thing, I the Lord have deceived that prophet,” (Ezek. 14:9). According to the latter view, he is said to have given men over to a reprobate mind (Rom. 1:28), because he is the special author of his own just vengeance; whereas Satan is only his minister (see Calv. in Ps. 141:4).

Ponder that…