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Quote of the Year

Remember when Dan Quayle misspelled “potato”, and everyone was like “that’s a good enough reason for him not to be president”?  We should be like that again. – Ben Grimes

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This is Why Scientists Need to Study the Humanities (and Math, Apparently)

First off, if they could do math they’d know there aren’t any folk around who remember an 1896 hurricane, and second, if they studied spelling they’d know the difference between antidote and anecdote… Come on, science.  Has Trump already infected … Continue reading

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Old Men To Be Allowed to Join Cub Scouts

Because, why not?  The Bee does it again- it mocks. Just one day after announcing that they would be admitting girls into their Cub Scouts program, the Boy Scouts of America declared another historic change to their 107-year-old organization: they … Continue reading

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Luther’s Silly Literalistic Take on ‘hoc est’ and his Hypocrisy on the Topic

Luther, famously, insisted that ‘hoc est’ in the Lord’s Supper had to be taken literally.  Funny, though, that he ignored the literality of ‘hoc est’ when it suited him.  For instance, super inimicos meos instruis me mandata tua quia in … Continue reading

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Lifeway Has A Pastor Appreciation Month Gift Idea…

For those, I presume, who hate their Pastors: When you absolutely positively want to show your Pastor how little you think of him.

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Calvin and Death: RefoThursday

A great entry in the series by Herman Selderhuis: John Calvin saw death daily.  In his day people regularly died in the streets, many babies died at birth, and dead bodies could be seen carted away in the city or … Continue reading

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Philipp Melanchthon in 100 persönlichen Briefen

Philipp Melanchthon (1497–1560) had been a colleague and close collaborator of Martin Luther’s in Wittenberg for 28 years. 100 selected letters in chronological order illuminate important events from his life. Most of them now appear in German translation for the … Continue reading

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The Bultmann Handbook is Now Published

Details here. Let’s go ahead and call it what it is: THE DEFINITIVE volume on the life and thought of Bultmann. Survey of contents A. Orientierung I. Johannes Beck: Bultmanns Werke: Einzelausgaben, Aufsatzbände, Editionen II. Johannes Beck: Bultmannforschung: Hilfsmittel, Institutionen … Continue reading

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Luther on the Origin of Heresies

If you want to know from whence heresy arises, Luther can tell you: it’s always from within the Church- like a cancer affecting the body. It is obvious that no heretic has ever come from among the heathen; they have … Continue reading

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