Where Have all the Christians Gone?

What has happened in America that the only voices we hear any more are heretics like Rob Bell and Jerry Falwell Jr?  Why do we find ourselves bombarded by the notions of the likes of Eric Metaxas and Franklin Graham and Paula White and Mike Huckabee?  Why is it that Rachel Held Evans and Nadia Bolz-Weber have any sort of public platform?

I know why these and others like them are popular: the world loves the darkness.  “Though the light has come into the world people have preferred darkness to the light because their deeds were evil.” (Jn. 3:19).

Meanwhile, the voices of authentically Christian thinkers are either silenced or silent.

Why?  Where have all the Christians gone?  Are they cowering in fear?  Are they clueless concerning how much our society needs to hear from them?  Where have all the Christians gone, only to be replaced by people on the fringes who represent neither historic Christianity nor Christ himself?

Where have all the Christians gone?

7 thoughts on “Where Have all the Christians Gone?

  1. Name those you deem authentic Cheistoans? This post is,a stub which doesn’t devwlop the question it asks.


      • I see it, presently. I didn’t notice at the time. My glasses were off.

        Just so you know: most people access the Internet these days using tiny handheld devices with touch screens.

        Mispellings are normative because one cannot feel the screen from which they type, nor readily see the field onto which words are being sent.

        If you are a spelling nazi, the modern era will drive you mad.

        Hopefully, Zwinglius will disregard the typos and focus on my wuestion.


          • but anyway- look, a simple reading of letters like ephesians or 1 peter describe the expectations concerning authentic christian faith. along with the sermon on the mount and mt 25. in short, the authentic christian is described throughout the entire new testament. and these guys and gals do not resemble that person.


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