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And The Answer? Anyone But NT Wright Or A Pentebabbleist

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Next Up

Tobit, Judith, Susanna, and Bel and the Dragon: For the Person in the Pew, Quartz Hill Publishing, Forthcoming.

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Hollywood Hypocrisy

Since the shocking revelation last week of Hollywood boss Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long reign of habitual sexual harassment and assault on coworkers and associates, during which he allegedly paid off at least eight women to keep quiet about the abuse, a source close to the nation’s most popular late night hosts revealed that they are all so disgusted by Weinstein’s harmful and deviant actions that they refuse to even mention his name.

“Even though they lampooned people like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly after similar allegations, what Weinstein has done is so grotesque and at odds with their values that they won’t so much as utter his name on their shows,” the source with direct access to Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and James Corden said, adding that it is “utterly detestable” to them that one of the most powerful men in Hollywood used his immense wealth and influence to shame and silence his victims for three decades.

“Some of them tried to practice pieces on this scandal in their show rehearsals, and it was just too much for them. They ended up either too physically ill to continue, or in a puddle of tears out of grief for the many victims of this monster,” he also revealed.

The anonymous source also added that Weinstein’s vocal support of myriad liberal causes, his unabashed support of feminism, and his participation in activities such as women’s marches, only made the scandal that much more horrendous—until it was more than the popular TV personalities could bear.

“They’re just hoping their silence shames him,” he added.

Yup. Hollywood hypocrisy.

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The SOTS Winter Meeting 2018

All the details are hereI apologize that I won’t be there, but in January I’ll be in Hong Kong teaching J-Term to our wonderful students and our exceptional community.

I’ll be back to SOTS for the Winter Meeting in 2019.  I presume. DV.

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You Aren’t A Good Christian…

Unless and until you become a disciple of the Crucified and risen Lord: denying yourself and taking up your Cross to follow him.

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A Fascinating Video About How Medieval Folk Walked…

Yes.  That’s right.

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