I’m Furious With Evangelicals

08 Oct

Evangelicals have compromised their faith, their values, their morals, and the Gospel all in order to support Donald Trump.  But what has that compromise earned them?  Scorn, contempt, and disdain, not only from the Left, but from Christians.

Why haven’t these Evangelicals learned the simple truth that it is better to support a candidate who supports your positions and lose every single election they stand in than it is to support an immoral adulterer who betrays the principles you hold dear and who mocks your faith by insisting that he has never felt like he needed to be forgiven?

What perverse minds these Evangelicals have.  They are able, in those minds, to justify supporting a liar, a pervert, a scoundrel, a con man, and a vulgar wretch.  And they don’t even understand the cognitive dissonance.

I’m furious with Evangelicals.  They are traitors to the Gospel, supporters of heresy and contributors to the evil in the world that has come in the wake of Donald Trump.  At their feet can be laid the racism and wickedness raging in this Country.

The real problem, when all is said and done, isn’t Donald Trump.  He is, was, and always will be a vile perversion.  The real problem is compromising Evangelicals.  They are curse and plague and the world can do without them.  And so can the Church.

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