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This is Why We Are Warned Against the Love of Money…

It makes us stupid.  Stupid beyond words.  Stupid enough to say, on behalf of a group we represent, that feet are as dangerous as guns…

NRA spokesperson and radio host Dana Loesch thinks that if guns are banned then fists and feet are probably next because people can punch and kick to harm others.

The American College of Physicians sent out a press release saying that gun violence is a public health issue and called for a ban of automatic and semiautomatic weapons. Loesch retweeted the release with the comment, “Right after we ban pools, cars, cigarettes, alcohol, hands feet and fists. Lives lost due to these constitute an epidemic.”

When The Hill reported on the press release from the physicians, Loesch retweeted the story and again claimed, “If it’s a “health issue,” cars, then hand, feet, and fists will be banned first (also pools).”

I’d like to see her use any of those things to kill 59 people in 4 minutes.  The fool.  And she said it because she’s been paid to say such things.  Because love of money makes us stupid.  Stupid beyond words.

The things that people are willing to do for money boggles the mind.

Written by Jim

6 Oct 2017 at 6:10 am

Posted in Total Depravity