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The Chief Mistake Biblical Scholars and Theologians Have Made For the Last Century…

Is letting dilettantes opine without holding them publicly accountable for what they’ve said wrongly. It is exactly that which has filled our world with pseudo-experts on Scripture and Theology; people who actually believe, in their hearts, that their opinions matter … Continue reading

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The Most Recent Addition to BibleWorks 10

Is this oldie but goodie- First rate exposition.

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That One Time You and Your Crew Had the Plague…

And the Priest waved you off, telling you to stay back.  And so was born the ‘hand wave blessing’ which replaced the ‘kiss of peace’ in the Christian Church.

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It’s Simply Shocking…

That so many Americans are silent when the @NRA buys and sells the elected officials who are supposed to work for us and not special interest groups. You silent ones, you should be ashamed.  You are why this country allows … Continue reading

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Karin Maag’s Brilliant Essay: The Reformation- What Did We Gain? What Did We Lose?

Read it here.

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Schleiermacher Handbuch

From Mohr– Friedrich Schleiermacher’s work as a theologian and Plato scholar marked the start of a new epoch: as a system-forming philosopher, he claimed independent validity, and as church politician, educational policy-maker, and academic theorist, he was one of the … Continue reading

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Another Reason the Tyndale House (Cambridge) Greek New Testament is A Remarkable Resource

γεινομαι was the normal spelling in Luke. It’s not a misspelling, but a prestigious koine spelling used by careful scribes to bring out the long vowel which arose when the second gamma of the Classical form γιγνομαι was dropped. You can call … Continue reading

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The Real Donald Trump

How Trump’s ‘Evangelical’ followers see him: The real Donald Trump:

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Oh Great, There Are More ‘Metal Codices’ in the News…

And this time word that the ‘Seal of Solomon‘ is among them.  Jim D. notes There are several points to note. First, the ring-bound metal book in the left foreground looks very much like one of those Jordanian lead codices. … Continue reading

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Luther on the Exclusivity of the Christian Claim

Christ is the only One who descended and then ascended again. And this He did to lead us up with Him. Yet the world is so blind and stupid that it always seeks and explores other ways. It is gullible … Continue reading

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Evangelicals Are Sticking With Their ‘Prince of Lies’

Read the whole.  The most telling bits are Fundamentalists now have an all-access pass to the highest levels of government, and Trump made their wish list a priority. One of his first acts as president was to order the IRS … Continue reading

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The SBL Annual Meeting App is Out

With thanks to Erin Van den Erickson von Daniken for the link–

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Quote of the Day

@JuliusGoat — Gun defenders need to be honest about the fact that saying laws won’t work because criminals won’t follow them is an argument against laws.

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This is Why We Are Warned Against the Love of Money…

It makes us stupid.  Stupid beyond words.  Stupid enough to say, on behalf of a group we represent, that feet are as dangerous as guns… NRA spokesperson and radio host Dana Loesch thinks that if guns are banned then fists … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: The Martyrdom of William Tyndale

October 6, after local officials took their seats, Tyndale was brought to the cross in the middle of the town square and given a chance to recant. That refused, he was given a moment to pray. English historian John Foxe … Continue reading

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Plottings and Schemes Against Zwingli

When priests and monks had been degraded from their positions (so to speak) and a mandate had been issued against the pensioners as we call them, the enemy turned to plots to try if by any means they might destroy … Continue reading

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