Martin Luther Reviews Eric Metaxas’ Book on Martin Luther

05 Oct

Truly it won’t be easy for you to believe how unwillingly I have torn myself away from the peace-giving words of Christ, with which I have been occupied on this my Patmos, in order to waste my time reading the nonsense of this prickly and thorny sophist. Indeed, the man is sophistic from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head. Swollen with the flatulent bull, he writes with such confidence that he considers both industry and discernment unnecessary. He is content to babble whatever he has read or swallowed. It is a great bother to reply to him, for in doing so you can neither exercise skill nor increase your learning, and yet you are forced to waste precious hours.


This poor, ignorant fellow …  heeds only superstitious practices, devised for show and effect, which God neither commands nor approves of.


The stupid dolt wrote such wretched stuff that I had to laugh.

— Martin Luther

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