I Feel Truly Sorry For Those With a Paltry and Weak God…

02 Oct

For those who serve a God so powerless that instead of believing He can keep them safe and protect their families, they have to arm themselves to the teeth and fill their homes with more guns than food.

Mind you, if you want to have a gun for sports or a handgun for personal protection, go ahead.  That’s your business.  But for those who are Christians who feel so strongly about self protection that they need to be heavily armed, I would wonder at your view of God and how you understand God.

It’s a sad God who can’t see to your wellbeing.  And it’s a sadder view of God that needs to take care of most things yourself because you really don’t trust God to do it.

For me, the gun question is a theological question.  If any of the gun defenders can provide a theological justification for the possession of automatic weapons by Christian people, I’d love to hear it.

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One response to “I Feel Truly Sorry For Those With a Paltry and Weak God…

  1. Jason

    3 Oct 2017 at 9:15 am

    I have so many friends who have posted stuff on FB that is truly sad. One said “Hold your families, your bibles, and your guns close. We live in a broken world.” Yep, and guns are just the thing to make it better. *sigh