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It’s Just an Observation, Don’t Get Mad

It’s fascinating to me the number of Christians who are satisfied living at what can only be described as the lowest threshold for Christian faith.  These folk are happy doing the bare minimum expected societally so that they can be deemed ‘Christian’ by the culture, and themselves.

It’s almost as though they have said to themselves ‘what is the VERY LEAST I can do and still feel good about myself and my ‘Christian faith’.  That’s what I’ll do, and nothing more.’

Because the ‘nothing more’ certainly has trumped the biblical ‘deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me’.  Self denial certainly never extends to more than semi-infrequent worship attendance and such things as evangelism, scripture study, ministry, and the rest are virtually unheard of.

‘Deny myself’?  Nope.  Can’t do that.  If I want to sleep in on Sunday I’ll sleep in.  If I want to skip worship every service but one or two a month, I will.  And you can forget about working in the Church or for Christ.  Self denial is the thing which characterized the ancient Church and it is the thing most absent in the modern Church in America.

Which is, interestingly, precisely why our Country is what our Country is today.

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Fitzmyer’s Commentary on Romans: An Observation

I’ll happily take Fitzmyer’s interpretation of Romans 1 over Doug Campbell’s any, and every day of the week.  Fitzmyer’s work has the benefit of being exegetical whilst Campbell’s is textbook eisegesis.

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Still Fantastic After all These Years

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