Why Does God Allow False Teachers Like Paula White and Joel Osteen to Infect the Church?

luther4Luther has the answer-

ALL of us who want to be Christian and to be saved must concede that within Christendom there is no rest from sects, false brethren, and the devil’s raging of all sorts; they never cease. Satan wants to be—and must be—among the children of God (Job 1 [:6]). But when Satan comes among them and gets God’s leave and permission to test God’s upright children, this is how things begin: Job’s sheep are stolen, thunder strikes his servants dead, wind comes from the north and destroys his buildings, killing all his children. But that is not enough. No, after all that, his body and soul have to suffer every sort of affliction, to the point that his own friends torment him and his own wife mocks him [Job 1–3]. …

God does all of this because He does not want people to look to human beings or human affairs, but rather to His Word, and to honor and esteem it below, above, and beyond everything. For when a person is dying or is in some other extremity, he must forget heaven and earth, sun and moon, father and mother, money and property, honor and power, and must cling solely to God’s Word, stake his life on it alone, and so depart. Let heaven and earth be; whether behind us or before us, they can offer no help or assistance here, nor can they accompany us, much less rescue us.

This is how one must act amid such scandals in the church: do not pay attention to human suffering or works; do not look to whether there are many or few of them, whether it is the Turk or the pope, but rather to where God’s Word is and with whom. Cling to that Word and be certain that there Job’s house and God’s children—the holy Church—are present.