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Stand or Sit or Squat- Frankly I Don’t Care

I have to admit- I don’t get bent out of shape if people dont stand for the anthem. I wonder how many that are bent out of shape about it stand when it plays and they’re watching the game at home…. Surely they must, since they feel so strongly about it.

And, oh, unlike many of the bent, I served in the military. So that people would be free to live as they please, without others telling them how they must behave in order to be proper Americans…

The GOP Destroyed Itself…

When it swore allegiance to Trump. It committed suicide and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell held the gun.

Now Catholics are Refusing to Stand During Parts of the Service…

Catholic parishioners across the U.S. protested during the Our Father Sunday in defiance of Pope Francis, who said that parishioners who kneel during the “Lord’s Prayer” should be denied communion.

Many parishioners sat, kneeled, or stayed inside restrooms during the recitation of the Our Father, with some pastors encouraging parishioners to express themselves.

Demonstrations began Sunday when nearly two dozen parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel parish took a knee. Other laymen who chose to remain standing locked arms, as opposed to holding hands.

Seattle parishioners announced they would not participate in the anthem as a city, saying, “We will no longer stand for the crappy catechesis in this country. Out of love for our Church, and in honor of Christ’s sacrifice made on our behalf, we unite to oppose those that would deny our most basic religious instructions. We remain committed in continuing to work towards better homilies and for better motu proprios.”

Appalling.  Look what the NFL started

The NFL Isn’t #TakingAKnee … It’s Tebowing

As reported by The Bee– which, really, is never wrong-

You’ve heard it said not to be discouraged when evangelistic efforts don’t bear immediate fruit, because you never know what effect they might have down the road, in the future, long after you’ve “planted the seed of truth” in the listener’s heart.

It’s been more than five years since Tim Tebow played in an NFL game and graced a nationwide audience with his famous “Tebowing” pose—a gesture made famous by the Christian football player, during which he would get down on one knee, in prayer, right in the middle of the field, as a sign of unabashed thanks and reverence to God Almighty.

The act of Tebowing became well-known nationwide, but never really caught on with fellow NFL players, as Tebow obviously hoped it would. Well, guess what? All these years later, Tebowing has taken the NFL by storm.

The first few weeks of the NFL season has seen players from every team Tebowing as a gesture of reverence to God before the game even starts. Hundreds of the best football players in the world taking a knee, lowering their head in prayer, and even locking arms with teammates as an act of genuflection.

Oh, and it’s not just the players. Check out the pic at the top of this article—yes, that’s Jerry Jones, billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Tebowing right there with players and other staff members, showing honor to the Lord.

We don’t know what exactly set off this wave of Tebowing in the NFL, or how much longer it will go on. All we can say is, way to go Tim!

What a witness to the pro sports world. What a legacy he’s left behind.

Let’s all take a knee in his honor, right now!

Quote of the Day

We are at this point such enemies of our own salvation, because of our natural corruption (Rom 8:7; 1 Cor. 2:14), that if God had merely contented Himself to tell us that we shall find our salvation in Jesus Christ, we would only mock it; thus has the world always done and will do until the end (1 Cor. 1:23-25; John 10:20; Acts 2:13; Luke 23:35).  ~ Beza

Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

“I fear that for many Christians the Bible is never more than an object for analysis, as opposed to the voice of the Beloved.” – @mikecosper

False dichotomy.  It’s not either/ or it’s both / and.  Without analysis it isn’t Scripture that’s heard, but the mere imaginings of the reader.

Signs of the Times

America Needs to Get its Act Together

  • Stop electing the worst of us and start electing our best.
  • Stop being constantly offended and constantly offensive.
  • Be done with the ignorance of racism and sexism in all their forms
  • Accept the fact that difference is ok.
  • Abandon greed and engage in service.
  • Protect and defend the vulnerable and defenseless.

We can do thes simple things or we can destroy ourselves in another Civil War.  And the next ne won’t be quite so civil.  It will be the end of the United States.  Indeed, if we are unwilling to become better, we should end.

Secret Gates

In Britain they keep the gate your flight departs from as some sort of closely guarded national secret.  I don’t know why.  I suppose they want to keep people where the shops are.  I prefer going right to the gate… So the secrecy is a tad annoying.


It was a nice visit to the UK.  Travel day today so this will pretty much be it for posting, unless I do a few photo posts, which I will.