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Fun Facts From Church History

bultmann23For Rudolf Karl Bultmann, the attempt to root faith in historical event springs from nothing other than  unbelief.  #YouKnowHesRight.

Quote of the Day

kasemannAllow me, as my last word and bequest, to shout to you in Hugenot fashion, “Resistez!”  For the discipleship of the Crucified of necessity leads to resistance to idolatry on every front, and this resistance is and must be the most important mark of Christian freedom.  –  Ernst Käsemann

Deep Thoughts With Jerome on Peace



The lecture went well.  I.e., I escaped with my life.  Pictures later when I arrive in Manchester.

Fun Facts From Church History: On This Day in 1555

At Augsburg, September 25, 1555, the Lutherans, notwithstanding the double-dealing of some of the most powerful Protestant, or so-called Protestant, Princes, wrung from the Catholics the Decree of absolute religious independence in the sense and to the extent that neither the Emperor, nor the King of the Romans, nor any Prince or Estate of the Empire, for any cause or pretext whatever, shall attack or injure the adherents of the Augsburg Confession on account of their religious faith; nor shall they by command, nor in any other way, force any adherent of the Augsburg Confession to forsake his religion, or to abandon the ceremonies already instituted or hereafter to be instituted; and the Emperor and the King and the Estates shall suffer them without hindrance to profess the religion of the Augsburg Confession, and peacefully to enjoy their goods, possessions, rents and rights.*

*James W. Richard, The Confessional History of the Lutheran Church (Philadelphia: Lutheran Publication Society, 1909), 251.

Protests: A Reminder

As an American you are free to protest anything you like. Protest Trump or the NFL or Mcnuggets. It’s  your right.

And if someone tells you to be quiet and just go along, tell them this isn’t Nazi Germany and you’ll do as you please.

And if someone says you should be fired for it, tell them this isn’t Nazi Germany and you’ll do as you please.

So go protest the NFL or Trump or anything you like and if someone else is protesting someone else or something else it’s ok.  It’s their right as much as it’s yours.  

Stop being offended by other peoples freedom. It’s childish.