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Leg 2- My Ride to Manchester

In a few hours…

John McCain Makes Me Sad Sometimes, and Happy Sometimes…

This time he’s made me happy.

Trumpcare is dead.

Leg 1.5 – The International Lounge

A nice place to spend a few hours-

My Leg 1 Ride…

Mounce on Why Translations Differ

Heading off To Lecture At Newman…

On the intersection of the academic study of the Bible and the life of the Church.  We’ll be discussing the how of Biblical studies and how such things as historical criticism and reception history and all the rest can and should be made accessible and relevant to the life of the normal believer.  

We’ll, in other words, be connecting the pulpit to the lectern.

Join us Monday at 10 at Newman University, Birmingham.  It will be a good time as I include remarks about Tom Wright quite regularly.

Signs of the Times

You Trumpians did this.