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Look What’s New In BibleWorks 10

That’s right- it’s the 2017 edition of the Luther Bible.  Hooray.

Early Textual Transmission of Christian Texts

No one knows early transmission of texts like Larry- so you should read this.

Larry Hurtado's Blog

Assumptions and claims about the transmission of the texts of early Christian writings continue to require correction.  Old assumptions and claims die slowly, advocates sometimes seeming so wedded to them that they exhibit some resistance to the data.

There is, for example, the persistent claim/assumption that there was some kind of “recension” of NT writings sometime in the (late?) second century CE (advocates include Helmut Koester and William Petersen).  I addressed this notion in an earlier posting here.  This sort of claim seems more and more to look like a kind of “rear guard” action against the accumulating manuscript evidence.  Moreover, it’s difficult to posit the ecclesiastical structure(s) that could have carried off such a recension at that early point, supposedly succeeding in erasing all evidence of the “pre-recensional” situation.  Historical work does involve imagination, but it really should be controlled by the evidence!

Likewise, there is the accompanying…

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Wheaton College? What the Devil Is Wrong With You Kids?

Several football players at an evangelical college outside Chicago are facing arrest over actions that took place during the alleged hazing of a freshman teammate in March 2016, according to a stunning report published by the Chicago Tribune on Monday.

A DuPage County judge signed arrest warrants late Monday afternoon for five football players at Wheaton College who were charged with aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint, according to the Tribune.

The five players allegedly tackled and duct taped a freshman in his dorm before carrying him roughly to a vehicle, according to the Tribune, which said it obtained documents describing the victim’s statements to investigators after the Wheaton police department declined this year to release reports under the state’s Freedom of Information Act. As the football players transported the victim to an off-campus park, they played “Middle Eastern music” and uttered slurs against Muslims, according to the contents of the documents described by the Tribune. (All Wheaton students sign a required statement of faith espousing evangelical beliefs.)

Despicable.  Evil.  Sickening.  The criminals should be expelled, tried, and if convicted, imprisoned.

We expect this sort of thing among the heathen.  When it’s Christians?  No.  No.  These kids are a disgrace.

Martin and Katie: A Love Story

Give a listen to this Timothy George podcast.

Dean Timothy George talks with Annemarie S. Kidder about the marriage of Martin Luther and Katherine von Bora.

The Unreformed Martin Luther: A Serious (and Not So Serious) Look at the Man Behind the Myths

After five hundred years of examining the life of the “father of the Reformation,” we must surely know all there is to know about Martin Luther. But is that true?

  • Did he really nail his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door?
  • Did he throw an inkpot at the devil?
  • Did he plant an apple tree?
  • Did his wife escape her convent in a herring barrel?

German radio and television journalist Andreas Malessa looks at the actual history of Luther and concludes that many of the tales we know best are nothing but nonsense.

Diving gleefully into the research, Malessa investigates many of the falsehoods and fallacies surrounding the reformer, rejecting them in favor of equally incredible facts. Full of humor and irony, this book educates and entertains while demonstrating a profound respect for Luther’s life and mission.

If you’re looking for the truth of the man behind the theses, come discover his faith and influence–with the myths stripped away.

Kregel have provided a review copy.   It is an English edition of this little and thoroughly fantastic book.  If the English rendition is as good as the German original, this book belongs in every person’s hands.

Signs of the Times

This is perfectly true.  It’s also true that teachers make the school.

”Daniel” in Early Codices

If you read this post here you’ll be directed to that post there and then further directed to another post elsewhere. It’s called ‘follow the breadcrumbs’.

LXX Studies

I’ve posted my latest on the ETC blog. The post attempts to show how MSS further contextualize the conceptual world of the biblical. I include lots of images of Daniel MSS to try to visualize what the title “Daniel” meant in late Antiquity.Daniel-Vat.gr.1209_1210_pa_1206_m

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