Jim West (I Hear He’s Great) Will Be Speaking at Newman University

From the University’s web page

Dr Jim West from Ming Hua Theological College will be visiting Newman University Birmingham on 25th September for a public lecture on ‘The Intersection of Academic Biblical Studies and the Life of the Church’.

Dr West will be visiting the university’s Theology Department to give the talk which is open to the public and will be taking place between 10am and 11am.

It is said that one of the most demanding aspects that students have to address when studying theology and the Bible in a university setting, is how does it sit with their own experience and understanding of faith. Theology often requires its students? to engage intellectually and also be highly personal; something which is extremely different to many other university courses. However, this is the reason that many of the academic staff at Newman University Birmingham find theology such a rewarding and fun topic to teach.

With that said, lecturers also acknowledge that a number of the approaches and concepts that are introduced to students can be disorientation and challenging and some Christian students, particularly in their first year of study, can be left feeling that the Bible and other issues in theology, have a more corrosive than positive impact on their faith.

This is something that Dr West has vast experience of and his upcoming visit to Newman University Birmingham will allow staff, students and members of the public to hear him speak of the intersection between the academy and faith.

Etc.  You should attend if you’re able.