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Frustration Week

Ask a curator frustrated us all. It wasn’t really about those in positions to do so answering questions though. It was the pretense of accessibility and accountability.

Roberta Mazza

Dear readers I should say this has been a week of social media and e-commerce failures. Having all been invited by the Museum of the Bible to join the @AskACurator‏ day on on Wednesday on Twitter, I thought to send a number of questions about provenance and guess what? Not a single one was answered. Others went unanswered too, but I have been asking since 2014, after all I felt I had to be treated with some respect. Even Mr Ask A Curator had a say…

Anyway, I brought my frustration to eBay and it went even worse. Two papyrus fragments appeared on sale from a German account, evangelist75, an interesting chap who according to his feedback report has sold quite a…

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Written by Jim

17 Sep 2017 at 5:41 pm

Posted in Modern Culture