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Take Note, Academia, this is How People of Principle Act

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Medieval Popery is Alive and Well in The SBC

High visibility ‘top tier’ large church Southern Baptist Convention Pastors are just as self aggrandizing as any medieval or renaissance Pope.  They’re just as hungry for power and just as craven in their lust for privilege.

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Utterly Unsurprising, And Also True of Most American Christians of Every Variety

The Telegraph informs us The majority of Church of England Christians don’t read the Bible, the church’s own polling has revealed.  Figures show that 60 per cent of self-declared followers of the Church admit they never read the Bible, and 36 per … Continue reading

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Give Us a King: Saul and the Ungodly Commitments of Contemporary Religious Politics

Originally posted on WIT:
A few days ago, I decided I would read the biblical story about how Saul was chosen to become king of Israel. It seemed fitting to revisit this text because of the way that it dramatizes…

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That One Time a Girl’s Room Was So Filthy Her Parents Called Animal Control About a Lizard, and it was Just a Sock…

You can’t make this stuff up.  And you wouldn’t want to. RSPCA officers who were called to rescue a lizard from under a bed discovered the reptile was actually a dirty sock – and advised the teenage girl to tidy her … Continue reading

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When Its A Democrat, ‘Evangelicals’ Aren’t Very Forgiving; When it’s a Republican, They Are…

Proving ‘Evangelicals’ care nothing for morality.  I seriously doubt most who label themselves ‘Evangelical’ are even Christian.  If they were, their standards would be absolute.

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In a Horrible Twist of Fate, Sarcasm Will Be Read as Authentic History: David’s Essential Oils Discovered…

How long before BAR carries this story from the Bee as historical proof of the historical David?  You know it will.  It isn’t a matter of if, but when… Dr. Gary Arbino, Professor of Old Testament at the Gateway Seminary … Continue reading

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A Nice Surprise

This arrived from the nice folk at the Christian History Institute– It’s inside the display case as I type.  Thanks, CHI!

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Today is ‘Holy Cross Day’ across the globe.  It’s the day commemorating the ‘discovery’ of the ‘true cross’ by Helen in her little trip to the ‘Holy Land’… So many bits of the ‘true cross’ were scattered across Europe that … Continue reading

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Women and Lust

The author of the little gem titled ‘Women and Lust‘ sent a copy for review and I have to say, I think it’s one of the most important practical little booklets I’ve seen in many a year.  It discusses a … Continue reading

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The Problem with Disaster Relief Fundraising

This is always the issue with fund raising for disaster relief. Who actually GETS the money, when, and how?  Those questions are seldom asked, and honestly, if you don’t know the answer before you give, you could well be throwing … Continue reading

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RefoThursday- Pope Luther

Read this week’s entry here.

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Dale Martin on Ancient, Biblical, and Modern Families

Originally posted on Cultivating Echoes of Grace:
Dale Martin is fairly well-known in New Testament studies. He is, perhaps, best known for his work on social history and it’s impact on understanding the NT (See, for instance, his highly influential…

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Why You Need to Learn Greek

Read this great post from Oxford. Different cultures see the world differently, and the more languages you learn, the more of the world you are able to perceive. Learning New Testament Greek gives us a chance to step inside the … Continue reading

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Fun Facts from Church History: Sitting on God’s Lap, We Often Befoul Him

Sitting at his table, The doctor [Luther] took his son on his lap, and the child befouled him. Thereupon he [Luther] said, “How our Lord God has to put up with many a murmur and stink from us, worse than … Continue reading

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Das Reformationsjahr 2017 – Pleite oder Neuanfang?

Diskussionsrunde mit Prof. Dr. Günter Frank im Rahmen der ThomasGespräche im Melanchthonhaus Bretten am 28. September, 19.30 Uhr. Read it here.

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Jerome: To A Linguistic Pretender

You know enough Latin and Greek to make the Greek think you a Latin scholar and the Latin a Greek.  – St Jerome I read that and thought right off of the folk who cite Strong’s concordance in an attempt … Continue reading

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