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Via the twitter- HOW TO BOOK SHOP WITH A BOOKWORM: • enter store • keep eyes on your bookworm at all times • wow ok you lost them • they’re gone forever now

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Rudolf Bultmann: Briefwechsel mit Götz Harbsmeier und Ernst Wolf 1933–1976

Die Briefwechsel Rudolf Bultmanns mit dem Praktischen Theologen Götz Harbsmeier sowie dem Kirchenhistoriker und späteren Systematiker Ernst Wolf werden in einer gemeinsamen Edition zugänglich gemacht. Schließlich berühren sich die beiden Korrespondenzen nicht nur vielfach inhaltlich, sondern nehmen auch aufeinander Bezug. … Continue reading

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MacArthur ‘Likes’ A Furtick Tweet

And then he tried to blame it on a staffer.  Can you believe that nonsense? Hours after Twitter users noticed that the official John MacArthur account had publicly “liked” a Steven Furtick tweet, causing a firestorm of mockery and speculation, … Continue reading

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The New iPhone’s Most Important Feature for Christians

The new Apple iPhone will now include a “panic button” that will allow Christians to quickly switch from Facebook, other social media, or video games over to the Bible app for whenever they get caught messing around on their phone … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Ted Cruz ‘Liked’ That Tweet

In the wee hours of the morning Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz ‘liked’ an absolutely filthy tweet from his verified Twitter account in what appears to be the beginning of an effort to woo some of Donald Trump’s voting base to … Continue reading

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She Nearly Beat Her Baby To Death- But the Judge Let her Go Because ‘The Wounds Would Eventually Heal’…

Justice???? HA! An Adelaide mother who left her 8-month-old with severe bruising and abrasions has walked away from a charge that carries a maximum of 13 years without spending a day in prison. Lorien Norman, 26, pleaded guilty to causing … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Luther Wasn’t a Fan of the Fathers

At Luther’s table … there was talk about the writings of the church fathers on the Bible and how these left the reader in uncertainty. He [Martin Luther] responded, “I’m not allowed to make judgments about them because they’re writers … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed the World

I previewed this film and took part in a panel discussion some months back.  You’ll enjoy it, even though there are a few bits that are inaccurate.  Nonetheless, the good far outweighs the bad. Check your local listings.  In the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Self-love, through the exercise of a mere natural gratitude, may be the foundation of a sort of love to God many ways. A kind of love may arise from a false notion of God that men have some way imbibed, … Continue reading

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A Multi-part Interview With Matthew Bates on His New Book, Part Four

Note: Previous entries in the series are posted here. Q – Would you consider your work ‘conservative’ and if so, how, and why? A– I would consider it conservative. It seeks to advocate for the apostolic deposit as received in … Continue reading

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Luther Doesn’t Need Your Papist Help

In his ‘Open Letter on Translating’ (a gem of a work everyone should read) Luther writes If I, Dr. Luther, could have expected that all the papists taken together would be capable enough to translate a single chapter of the … Continue reading

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Faith Groups Bear the Bulk of Aid in Disasters- Atheists, Meh, Not So Much

Read the RNS report here.  And the next time an angry atheist blathers on mindlessly about religion ask them what it is exactly that they do besides whine.  They certainly don’t help much.

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Follow the Irish Theological Quarterly on Twitter

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Heinrich Bullinger: Briefe von Oktober bis Dezember 1546

Der neue Band des Bullinger-Briefwechsels enthält 130 zwischen Oktober und Dezember 1546 verfasste Briefe, denen jeweils eine ausführliche deutsche Zusammenfassung vorangeht. Involviert sind 42 Briefschreiber, insbesondere Ambrosius Blarer, Oswald Myconius, Johannes Haller und Martin Bucer. Der Band vermittelt Informationen zum … Continue reading

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Jerome’s Disdain for Christian Athletes

Our fine, erect, muscular athletes … hardly make a shadow of a footmark in their swift passage, whose words are in their fists and their reasoning in their heels, who either know nothing of apostolic poverty and the hardness of … Continue reading

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