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The Best Analogy for Translating I’ve Yet Seen

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Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

This is what happens when ideology drives interpretation:  baseless supposition.

The claim is false on its face.  Name one single author of one single biblical text that moderns (and that’s the anachronistic problem) would call oppressed.  Name just one, and then show me how you know that person was oppressed.

I’ll wait.

Get The Commentary That Even a Lawyer Loves!

The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series is the only series of Commentaries written by a single person on the entire Bible and aimed at layfolk in modern history.


The books can be obtained now only in PDF format for a mere $199 by clicking my PayPal Link.

But not everyone is interested in every book of the Bible so after having received a number of requests for individual volumes in the series I’ve decided to offer any single volume for $5.

If you bought each volume individually it would cost $210 for the entire series in electronic form at $5 each, so it still makes sense to buy the whole. But I’m happy to send each volume individually for those who prefer it.

Just paypal me $5 and tell me which you wish. If you want two or three simply multiply each volume by $5.  But BE SURE to include your email address or I will not be able to send them!

It’s a good commentary. But don’t take my word for it:


This commentary set is written and designed exactly for the average person. The person who hasn’t spent years in book learning and writing papers. Rather, it’s for a person who feels a yearning to know a bit more so they can grow spiritually and intellectually in the faith. The average person might not know where to start on the journey. This set does it beautifully. – Doug Iverson

Bullinger: On All the Calamaties That Can Befall Us

First … it is requisite to lay before our eyes and reckon up the several kinds and especial sorts of mortal men’s calamities. The evils verily are innumerable, which daily fall upon our necks; but those which do most usually happen are the plague or pestilence, sundry and infinite diseases, death itself, and the fear of death, whose terror to some is far more grievous than death can be.

To these be added the death and destruction of most notable men, or such of whom we make most account; robberies, oppressions, endless ill chances, poverty, beggary, lack of friends, infamy, banishment, persecution, imprisonment, enforced torments, and exquisite punishments of sundry sorts and terrible to think on, unseasonable and tempestuous weather, barrenness, dearth, frost, hail, deluges, earthquakes, the sinking of cities, the spoiling of fields, the burning of houses, the ruin of buildings, hatred, factions, privy grudges, treasons, rebellions, wars, slaughters, captivity, cruelty of enemies, and tyranny; also the lack of children; or troubles, cares, and hellish lives by the matching of unmeet mates in wedlock, by children naughtily disposed, maliciously bent, disobedient and unthankful to father and mother; and lastly, care and continual grief in sundry sorts for sundry things, which never cease to vex our minds.

For no man can in never so long a bead-row reckon up all the evils whereunto miserable mankind is woefully endangered, and every moment tormented. New miseries rise up every day, of which our elders did never hear; and they are appointed to be felt and suffered of us, who with our new and never heard of sins do daily deserve new and never seen punishments, when as otherwise the miseries, which our forefathers felt, had been enough and sufficient to have plagued us all.

Have a nice day…

Come On, ABC- Don’t Be The Fake News

ABC reported that this truck was involved in an accident because of Irma.  But one look at the bottom right hand shows the image is from Arizona.  That’s where Maricopa County is.

Come on.  Make a little effort to be accurate.

Texas… Churches… Are Suing… Fema…

Churches in Texas are suing FEMA… for reimbursement….    Allow me to put this as plainly as possible- if you’re a Church, and you help people, and then you sue the government for reimbursement, you aren’t a Church.

We Weren’t Photographed Every 12 Seconds in the 60’s

I enjoy seeing photos of kids on the facebook and the instagram.  Everyone I know who has a youngster posts a couple of dozen pictures a week of the little tyke doing this or that.  It wasn’t like that when I was a kid.  Cameras used film and you had to pay to have the film developed and the little kodax box cameras that you got rid of after use didn’t have many features.  Most pictures turned out crap.

But I wonder how much life is missed these days because parents are too busy snapping photos instead of enjoying the moment…

The only photos I have of my childhood:


Luther Laments Contempt of Preaching

In discussions with friends around the table, Martin Luther observed

“It was said in Lochau that six hundred of the richest parishes in the diocese of Würzburg are vacant. He [Luther] commented, “This will have bad consequences. It will happen among us, too, if contempt for the Word and its ministers continues to be so great. If I wanted to get rich under these circumstances I wouldn’t preach but would be a juggler and travel about the country. For the sake of money I’d have plenty of spectators.”

I think the prosperity ‘preachers’ have taken Luther at his word.  They draw crowds because they’re jugglers, not because they’re preachers.  Luther continued-

“When the visitors reproached the farmers and inquired why they were unwilling to support their parish ministers when they were providing livings for their cattle herders, the farmers replied, ‘Because we can’t get along without a herder.’ For shame, that it has come to this in my lifetime!”

People now can live without preachers but they can’t live without coaches.  They can live without sermons but they can’t live without their favorite team.  Luther then turned his attention to the antinomians- i.e., those people who think that the Law of God doesn’t apply to Christians:

“The antinomians contribute a great deal to this. They increase the presumption among secure people, and I now see so much presumption in the antinomians that under the covering of trust in [God’s] mercy they dare to do whatever they please, as if the believer no longer sins and as if believers are so righteous that they don’t need any preaching of the law. They dream of a church as righteous as Adam was in paradise, though the wrath of God was revealed from heaven against him when God said, ‘Adam, you may eat of every fruit, but if you eat of this tree you shall die.’”

Add to the prosperity “preachers” the doings of the Emergents (a group which wants the church to reflect the culture and which prefers praise bands to choirs) and the Seeker Sensitives (the folk and churches which will give you a prize to attend their services) and you realize that what Luther said in the 16th century could just as easily be said today.  Indeed, it should be said today, from every pulpit across the land.  But it won’t be, because too many preachers actually are entertainers and too many Church attenders are far too comfortable living licentious disobedient lives.

There really is nothing new under the sun.  Nothing at all.