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The Best Analogy for Translating I’ve Yet Seen

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The Heretic Paula White Now Regrets Saying God Lifted Trump to the Presidency

Too bad, Paula.  You still behaved and behave as a false teacher.  Hindsight regret is pointless regret. President Trump’s top spiritual adviser Paula White said Saturday that she regretted saying that God “lifted up” Trump in his 2016 election victory … Continue reading

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Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

This is what happens when ideology drives interpretation:  baseless supposition. The claim is false on its face.  Name one single author of one single biblical text that moderns (and that’s the anachronistic problem) would call oppressed.  Name just one, and … Continue reading

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Get The Commentary That Even a Lawyer Loves!

The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series is the only series of Commentaries written by a single person on the entire Bible and aimed at layfolk in modern history. The books can be obtained now only in PDF format for a mere $199 … Continue reading

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Bullinger: On All the Calamaties That Can Befall Us

First … it is requisite to lay before our eyes and reckon up the several kinds and especial sorts of mortal men’s calamities. The evils verily are innumerable, which daily fall upon our necks; but those which do most usually … Continue reading

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Come On, ABC- Don’t Be The Fake News

ABC reported that this truck was involved in an accident because of Irma.  But one look at the bottom right hand shows the image is from Arizona.  That’s where Maricopa County is. Come on.  Make a little effort to be … Continue reading

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Texas… Churches… Are Suing… Fema…

Churches in Texas are suing FEMA… for reimbursement….    Allow me to put this as plainly as possible- if you’re a Church, and you help people, and then you sue the government for reimbursement, you aren’t a Church.

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We Weren’t Photographed Every 12 Seconds in the 60’s

I enjoy seeing photos of kids on the facebook and the instagram.  Everyone I know who has a youngster posts a couple of dozen pictures a week of the little tyke doing this or that.  It wasn’t like that when … Continue reading

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Luther Laments Contempt of Preaching

In discussions with friends around the table, Martin Luther observed “It was said in Lochau that six hundred of the richest parishes in the diocese of Würzburg are vacant. He [Luther] commented, “This will have bad consequences. It will happen … Continue reading

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