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Pentebabbleists as the Modern Edition of Indulgence Peddlers

Except White and her feckless band of merry heretics aren’t 1/100000000000000000000th as intelligent as Tetzel

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The More Theologically Vapid Your Sermon Is, The More You Need Props

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When Guns Are Easily Accessible, Terrible Terrible Things Become Possible

Read this whole story.  It’s terrifying precisely because no one would have ever expected it to happen.

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Paterno Knew and Turned a Blind Eye To Sandusky’s Perversity

CNN reports A police report obtained by CNN bolsters evidence that legendary football coach Joe Paterno knew years before Jerry Sandusky’s arrest that his longtime assistant might be sexually abusing children. The one-page Pennsylvania state police report, obtained from a … Continue reading

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Martin Luther in Print

The religious turmoil of the Protestant Reformation proved a bonanza for printers and artists, especially in Germany. A stunning new exhibition at SMU’s Bridwell Library in Dallas evokes the drama and sweep of the period as captured in the theological … Continue reading

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46,000 Floridians are Interested in An Event: Shooting at Irma…

Where do these people come from and why are any of them allowed to have a gun?  Such ignorance shouldn’t be encouraged. Hurricane Irma is due to hit Florida on Saturday, and the state is currently experiencing the largest ever mass evacuation … Continue reading

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