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The Mega Church Belief Matching Guarantee

Lifeline Community Church’s Pastor of Business Development confirmed Friday that the 5,000-member congregation would now be offering a belief-matching guarantee, promising to lower its doctrinal standard to meet whatever any competing congregation believes, “or your money back.” Church visitors are … Continue reading

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SOMEONE, Please Make this Happen!

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Answering Your Mail

Dear Jim, I’m a first year Seminary student and I’m taking Greek this year and Hebrew next.  How, once I have those languages, can I retain them?  I hear so many people talk about how hard they worked to learn … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

When you read ancient Christians, you notice: We talk a lot about Christ sharing in our sufferings. They talk more about our sharing in his. – Andrew Wilson The difference between the ancient Church and the modern in one simple … Continue reading

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This Month’s Dilly Winner

I haven’t seen a more ignorant statement on the subject of theology for a good while.  So, precious heretical Canadian modalist, here’s your Dilly.  It’s well deserved.

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Donald Trump’s Plea For Donations… For Himself…

And some of you voted for this narcissist.  Surely by now you have some pang of guilt.  If not, you really lack heart, soul, and mind.

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Coolest Thing Ever, Or Coolest Thing in the Universe Ever?


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Don’t Worry Houston, Joel Osteen Will Continue Preaching His False Gospel In Spite of Public Attacks

After enduring criticism for what some felt was a poor response to the Hurricane Harvey crisis on the part of Lakewood Church, Pastor Joel Osteen proudly stood in front of his congregation Sunday morning and reassured his church members that … Continue reading

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When You Can’t Figure Out What God is Up To…

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A Multi-part Interview With Matthew Bates on His New Book, Part Three

Note: Previous parts of the series are posted here. Q –  Your book is very thought provoking. I can imagine that if could have grown exponentially and become quite a large volume. What did you leave out that you now … Continue reading

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Reform of Poor Relief: Today With Zwingli

Zwingli manifested his independent and reforming spirit by criticising the department of outdoor relief in the city, and proposing on September 8, 1520, that the public alms should hereafter be given only to those who had been investigated, and could … Continue reading

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Erasmus Didn’t Appreciate Zwingli’s “Archeteles”, But He Didn’t Read it Either

“I have read some pages of your apology [Archeteles]. I beseech you for the sake of the glory of the Gospel, which I know you would favour and which we all who bear the name of Christ ought to favour, … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Birth-iversary of Peter Martyr Vermigli

Today marks the anniversary of Vermigli’s birth, on 8 September 1499 (or 1500- there is some debate about the year).  His numerous writings are still very much worth reading.  Encyclopedia Brittanica describes him thusly: The son of a prosperous shoemaker, … Continue reading

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