Top Lutheran Bishop says If Hell Exists, It’s Probably Empty… Luther Replies…

In the news a Lutheran Bishop says hell probably doesn’t exist.  No wonder she’s not a very good theologian, she was a music major in college…  Anyway, when asked for a response, Martin Luther said

“[Christ’s descent into hell] must be believed. We can’t understand it. That’s the way it is. There will be debate about how the Trinity is in the unity (when there’s no relation between the infinite and the finite), how nature can produce such a strange marvel as a God-man, etc. [While occupied thus with disputation] men will let the article concerning justification go. If only we would study in the meantime how to believe and pray and become godly!

We’re not content with that which we can understand and insist on disputing about something higher, which we can’t possibly understand and which our Lord God doesn’t want us to understand. That’s the way human nature is. It wishes to do what is forbidden; the rest it ignores and then starts asking, Why? Why? Why?

This is what happens when philosophy is introduced into theology. When the devil went to Eve with the question Why? the game was up. One should be on one’s guard against this.

Maybe the good Bishop missed her true calling… band director.