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Quote of the Day

“Theology, viewed as a discipline and concretely, is a divinely given discipline, bestowed upon man by the Holy Spirit through the Word, whereby he is not only instructed in the knowledge of divine mysteries, by the illumination of the mind, … Continue reading

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The Proper Subject of Theology…

Is God.  So why do so many modern theologians spend all of their time talking about their feelings?

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Top Lutheran Bishop says If Hell Exists, It’s Probably Empty… Luther Replies…

In the news a Lutheran Bishop says hell probably doesn’t exist.  No wonder she’s not a very good theologian, she was a music major in college…  Anyway, when asked for a response, Martin Luther said “[Christ’s descent into hell] must … Continue reading

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From Wittenberg to Atlanta: The Kessler Collection’s 30th Anniversary Exhibit

Get down to Emory and see this exhibition for yourself:

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Jerome: On Teaching

There is no greater folly than to teach a pupil what he knows already.  — Jerome

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Your Problem Isn’t That You Don’t Have Enough Time…

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Luther: On Universalism

Our human nature is prone to conclude that if it were not God’s judgment that all men be saved, it would be an outrage, tyranny, and injustice. And indeed, this is not one of the slightest offenses with which the … Continue reading

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Irrational Charcoal: Or, Why Facebook Should Leave off Translating

Un may be irrational charcoal (whatever that means) but ‘Wirrkopf’ means ‘muddle-headed’ or ‘scatterbrained’ or in more absolute terms, unhinged. Facebook should leave off translating.

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On This Day, in the Year 70 CE, in Jerusalem

Julius Wellhausen writes No attack [by the Romans] had as yet been directed against this quarter [i.e., the upper city]; but famine was working terrible ravages among the crowded population. Those in command, however, refused to capitulate unless freedom to … Continue reading

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Jerome: On Revenge

It is the height of folly for you when you are accused by one man to attack another, and when you are covered with wounds yourself to seek comfort by wounding one who is still quiescent and unaggressive. — Jerome

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The Nine Devils

One of the most popular books at the dawn of the Reformation was a humorous piece titled The Letter on the Wretched Condition of Curates. [This volume] was known also by the title The Devils Plaguing Country Pastors. The book is … Continue reading

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Catholic Lectionary Reflections

TM Steiner is commencing a new project: to comment on the Old Testament reading from the Catholic Lectionary for each Sunday on Thursday of each week.  You’ll want to drop in and check it out.

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Jerome: On His Translation of the Old Testament Being Superior to Mere Revisions

Our version is the more intelligible, for it has not turned sour by being poured three times over into different vessels, but has been drawn straight from the press, and stored in a clean jar, and has thus preserved its … Continue reading

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Calvin to Bullinger About Servetus

On 7 September, Calvin wrote Bullinger, in part The Council will send you, ere long, the opinions of Servetus in order to have your advice. It is in spite of us that you have this trouble forced on you; but … Continue reading

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