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I Pray No One there Is Hurt… But… It’s the Ideal Spot for Irma to Make Landfall…

Bit of divine justice if it happens…

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Next Up, Polygamy as Response to the #NashvilleStatement

In a strong show of opposition to the recently released Nashville Statement outlining a conservative biblical view of marriage and gender, the entirety of the nation’s liberal Christians got together Wednesday to draft and sign a document called “Christians Really United: In … Continue reading

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300 Million Americans Deported as Native Citizens Revoke #DreamAct

Over 300 million citizens of the United States were given deportation notices by immigration officials after various Native American tribes rescinded a centuries-old “Dream Act,” which allowed descendants of illegal European immigrants to stay in the country. Americans will be … Continue reading

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Answering the Age Old Question: Why Don’t People Just Leave When A Hurricane Is Coming…

Here’s why! Utterly immoral.

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Eighth Annual RefoRC Conference 2018 Call For Papers

The Eighth Annual RefoRC Conference is hosted by the University of Warsaw and will take place May 24-26, 2018 Theme of Plenary Lectures: Reformation and Education The Reformation was closely tied to the renovation of educational models from its very … Continue reading

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Sources from around the nation confirmed Wednesday that the increasingly secular culture that believes it is foolish to worship the sovereign Lord of all creation is still worshiping pop singer Beyonce. When reached for comment, the country that worships the … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Nothing Improves a Sermon Quite Like Repentance

Sunday the sermon was sluggish, ’Twas hard attention to keep. The theme was faultily chosen, It almost put me to sleep. Monday was blue with sheer boredom; Tuesday was carnal by choice. Wednesday my conscience was wakened By pleas from … Continue reading

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Liberating the liberated – Student dissertation (part 5)

Originally posted on Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception:
Having explored the socio-political status of former slaves (the apeleutheroi or ‘freedpersons’) and the function of manumission within the Roman world (parts 1, 2, 3 and 4), Isabella…

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Robert Jenson Has Died

Various sources are reporting this morning that Robert Jenson, the finest Lutheran theologian America has ever produced, has died.  Rest in Peace, Professor. You can read an excellent interview with him here.  And an essay by DB Hart here.  He … Continue reading

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American Christians Aren’t Very Reformed, or Protestant…

Pew Research reports About half of U.S. Protestants (52%) say both good deeds and faith in God are needed to get into heaven, a historically Catholic position. The other half (46%) say that faith alone is needed to attain salvation. … Continue reading

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Es war nicht Zwingli allein, der die Zürcher Reformation geprägt hat

Here’s a great piece in the NZZ on the importance of Erasmus. Erasmus von Rotterdam war nie in Zürich. Und trotzdem hat er an der Limmat seine Spuren hinterlassen. Mehr noch: Ohne ihn wäre die Zürcher Reformation wohl kaum so … Continue reading

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Heinrich Bullinger: On Aiding the Stranger

We must not only do good to them that are familiar with us, but to them also whom we did never see before, in keeping hospitality for wayfaring strangers, so far as our substance will stretch to maintain it. For … Continue reading

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