His Hand ‘Slipped’ Into Her Pants While He Was ‘Anointing’ Her…

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A Michigan pastor who was accused of sexual assault by a former parishioner and admitted that his hand might have slipped into her pants while anointing her with oil to cleanse her of sexual sins at her home will not face charges, a local prosecutor said Wednesday.

Justine Morden, 20, alleged in June that Pastor Mitch Olson of Grace Ministry Center sexually assaulted her during the unorthodox anointing nearly 10 months ago.

In a case review released Wednesday morning, Senior Assistant Prosecutor Paul Soderberg said Morden doesn’t fall under any classes of victims as recognized under state law, Nicole Hayden of The Times Herald reports.

“The conduct of suspect Mitchell Olson directed toward [the] 19-year-old victim was morally reprehensible. The Grace Ministry Center head pastor’s conduct appears to be highly questionably and not religious in nature. It also appears to have violated the standards of the church. However, based on the information … this conduct despite being immoral is not illegal according to Michigan criminal law. For these reasons we are unable to prosecute this case,” Soderberg said.

Morden, who was living alone at the time of the alleged assault, said she sought counsel from Olson about changing her life and he suggested she be anointed to cleanse her of her sins. He told her he didn’t have anointing oil at the church during a meeting in July 2016 but would eventually make time to get her anointed.

“Later on that night, around like 8 or 9, he texted me and asked what my address was,” Morden told the Herald. “I gave him the address and didn’t think anything of it since I trusted him. … He got there and said, ‘I have the anointing oil if you want to be anointed,’ so I said ‘OK.'”