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Take Action For Dreamers

Via twitter- There’s a new online tool to help. Use DreamActToolkit.org to urge members of Congress to reject nativism and pass the #DreamAct. Do it.

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In Which Luther Eviscerates Those Expressing Hatred of The Jews

From his 1519-1521 Lectures on the Psalms (WA 5, 428-29)- Racists and White Supremacists, take note.

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College Football is now America’s Largest Religion

It’s true. Replacing Christianity, which had held the title since the nation was founded, college football has officially become the largest organized religion in the United States, reports confirmed. The polytheistic religion claims many millions of adherents, each of whom passionately … Continue reading

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Obama’s Statement on #DACA

Immigration can be a controversial topic. We all want safe, secure borders and a dynamic economy, and people of goodwill can have legitimate disagreements about how to fix our immigration system so that everybody plays by the rules. But that’s … Continue reading

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A Reformation Exhibition at the John Rylands Library

With thanks to Roberta Mazza for pointing this out– The Reformation invites you to journey through these tumultuous times. Find out how Luther’s work led to the splintering of the Catholic Church in England. Learn how Henry VIII’s attempts to divorce … Continue reading

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What The Bible Has to Say…

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So the Rabbi Said to the Atheist…

The Babylonian Talmud relates these delightful little tales about a Rabbi and an atheist (in tractate Sanhedrin, 22). There was an atheist who said to Rabban Gamaliel: Your God is a thief, as it reads [Gen. ii. 21]: “Lord God … Continue reading

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Host Flood Victims, and Then Take up an Offering From Them… Nice Work Joel Osteen

Watch the video.  It’s appalling. I mean, seriously. From hurricane victims? It’d be totally different if it were the usual crowd. Those people deserve to lose their money for attending your cult anyway. But hurricane victims? Have you no shame, … Continue reading

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Three Volumes: ‘Joshua’, ‘Job’ and ‘Jeremiah’

Bloomsbury is publishing, as I’ve mentioned before, a series of ‘Study Guides to the Old Testament‘ written by members of the Society for Old Testament Study.  I reviewed a couple for the Old Testament Book List and now I’ve received … Continue reading

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The Moving Moment When The Mega-Church Pastor Met a Long Time Member… For the First Time

The Bee has the touching story.  Get your kleenex out. Right now we are feeling all the feels. Megachurch pastor Jake Bryant just met one of his congregants, who has been attending the church for almost a decade, for the … Continue reading

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His Hand ‘Slipped’ Into Her Pants While He Was ‘Anointing’ Her…

Filed under more pentebabbleist nutbaggery– A Michigan pastor who was accused of sexual assault by a former parishioner and admitted that his hand might have slipped into her pants while anointing her with oil to cleanse her of sexual sins … Continue reading

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The Twitter Accounts of the President’s* ‘Religious Advisory Council

@GaryLBauer @PastorMarkBurns @DrTimClinton @DrJamesCDobson @JordanEasley @JerryFallwellJr @JackNGraham @RHowardBrowne @BishopHarry @robertjeffress @RdLand @GregLaurie @ericmetaxas @johnnieM @FrankPageSBC @TPerkins @ralphreed @revtonysuarez @Paula_White These are the people who are supposed to be advising the President to act in a Christian manner.  They are failing … Continue reading

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Too few Christians are Christian.

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Suicide: An Observation

Suicide happens when free will takes death into its own hands. Nations, too, can end themselves by choosing bad leaders.  Citizens owe it to their homeland to choose leaders wisely and prayerfully and not simply ideologically and irrationally. Bad leaders … Continue reading

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Through the Bible 2017-2018 – Michael Langlois

Do you want to study the Bible? This year again, I teach a course of Introduction to the Bible and to exegesis at the University of Strasbourg. This is a first-year course for students preparing a bachelor in Protestant Theology or a … Continue reading

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This volume offers an expansive survey of the role of single-sheet publishing in the European print industry during the first two centuries after the invention of printing. Drawing on new materials made available during the compilation of the Universal Short … Continue reading

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Alister McGrath on Faith and Science

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If You’re In Zurich…

You’ll want to go to this. Beim Thema Reformation stehen gewöhnlich Luther und Zwingli im Mittelpunkt. Im Rahmen dieser Führung tritt mehr der Vater des reformierten Protestantismus in den Vordergrund: Heinrich Bullinger. Der Schweizer Theologe war der Nachfolger von Zwingli und galt als sein … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Jim Aitken

It’s Jim’s birthday, so enjoy posts from former days about the Cambridge Don.  And a very happy birthday to him.  

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Storm and Luther’s Forbidden Letter

Expected to be available on DVD on September 18, 2017: STORM and Luther’s Forbidden Letter. When his father is arrested for printing a forbidden letter written by controversial reformer Martin Luther, 12-year-old Storm escapes with the original. On the run … Continue reading

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