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Quote of the Day

Stop lamenting the small voice the church has in the world; start repenting for the loud voice the world has in the church. – Michael Svigel

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A Snippet From the Book I’m Enjoying

Describing the trial and condemnation of six witches- The executive justice, Christopher Neuchinger of Oberneuching, sentenced them to death “by torment”: “namely that all six be placed publicly upon two carts, drawn in procession before their deaths to the place … Continue reading

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Tracking Luther

THIS is pretty awesome. This resource will give you a sense of the experience of what contemporaries called the “Luther Affair” (causa Lutheri). Through items from the collection at the Newberry Library, you will see Luther and his Catholic opponents … Continue reading

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Play The Patriarchy Tugboat Game

Play along with your friends at the Bee– 1.) The tugboat is represented as male, furthering millennia of harmful oppression from the Patriarchy. 2.) The tugboat’s hat is red, representing the menstrual cycle and intentionally reminding women of their subjugated … Continue reading

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If You Have Ever Quoted Leviticus 18:22…

But have never cited Leviticus 19:34, you’re a hypocrite.  And worst, an ideological hypocrite driven not by love of God or faithfulness to Scripture, but by politics.  Shame.  On.  You.

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Heinrich Bullinger: on Invoking God

That invocation therefore or calling upon God, whereof at this time we entreat, is a lifting up of man’s mind to God in great necessity or in some desire, and a most ardent craving of counsel and assistance by faith; … Continue reading

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Enter to Win a Bible!

From our friends at the German Bible Society- VERLOSUNG: Der Sommerurlaub neigt sich dem Ende zu und bis zum Nächsten dauert es eine Weile. Wir geben Euch heute dennoch einen Grund zu feiern, denn wir verlosen jeweils eine der 11 … Continue reading

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Finally- Something to Keep Baylor’s Male Athletes in Check

In a move that is sure to be cheered by Baptist schools and colleges across the nation, Nike introduced Monday a floor-length denim basketball skirt for female basketball players of the Baptist tradition. “While activewear across the industry is trending … Continue reading

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If Only…

If people were only half as devoted to Christ as they are their favorite team, there wouldn’t be enough Churches to hold all the worshipers.

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We Need to Remind Ourselves That Every Trumpian Policy Will Have a Very Short Shelf Life

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Signs of the Times

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Donald Trump’s Plan to End #DACA is Unchristian and Evil

And the Bible says so- `The stranger who dwells among you shall be to you as one born among you, and you shall love him as yourself; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days…

“The official law code of the Holy Roman Empire, the Constitutio Criminalis Carolina (1532), stipulated in Article 109 that the crime of sorcery deserved capital punishment, stating that: “…anyone who inflicts harm or injury on others through sorcery shall be … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the Details: Debating the Lord’s Supper

You’ll very much enjoy this exchange between two theologians.

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Joel Osteen Says Hurricane Harvey Was a ‘Compliment’ From God… Luther Responds

Over the weekend Joel Osteen offered the theologically idiotic suggestion that hurricane’s are compliments from God for people who have them because, you know, they can handle them whilst others cannot.  Luther responds to Osteen thusly: You are the head … Continue reading

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A Multi-part Interview With Matthew Bates on His New Book, Part Two

Note: Part One is posted here. Q– Aside from the Trinity (which you’ve also written on), and Soteriology, what do you see as the most important and most misunderstood of the classic Christian doctrines? The Virgin Birth, the Atonement? Or … Continue reading

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