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The Bee Stings the White Supremacist Inbreds

Local white supremacist and product of incest Randy Biggums isn’t shy about his radical beliefs regarding race in America, telling reporters Saturday that Caucasians have a moral responsibility to maintain “genetic purity” by only marrying other “purebred” members of the … Continue reading

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A German Politician of the Far Right Flavor Wants to Rid the Country of Arabic Numerals… Because they’re Arabic…

And he wants to replace them with ‘normal’ numbers.  Well, at least he proves that there are people dumber than Trump.  If you can believe that. A mayoral candidate for the far-right, anti-immigrant NPD party promised to get rid of Arabic … Continue reading

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These ‘Ministers’ Aren’t Servants of God, They’re Servile Toadies of Donald Trump

If you attend church where one of these people is pastor, you should either leave, or better yet, demand they be fired.  They, by this scurrilous bowing of the knee to baal, have disgraced the Gospel, the Church, and you. … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s Boot, or: Perceiving Public Rituals in the Urban Reformation

Read this award winning essay for free here. This article explores the sensory experience of the audience for urban public rituals in the Reformation period. Based on the microhistorical analysis of a shoemaker’s chronicle, it demonstrates how perception was formed … Continue reading

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Zwingli Was a Self-Paced Reformer, A Man Who Didn’t Rush into Anything

As we learn, for instance, in the way he reformed the Mass- In his treatise on “The Canon of the Mass,”—dated IV. Cal. Septemb. (i. e., September 2) 1523—the canon is that part of the mass liturgy in which the … Continue reading

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Fun Facts From Church History: Pious Teens Don’t Get on Swings

James Walter Douglas was born in Virginia in November 1797. After completing his primary education Douglass moved to the village of Christiana, Delaware, after obtaining a position as a trainee clerk. The teenaged Douglass also became a pious member of … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quotes: An Observation

The fact that we have to quote dead people instead of living ones for inspiration says everything we need to know about our own society.

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