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Is Anyone Foolish (i.e., Stupid) Enough to Think Trump Was Actually Going to Do It?

Only a person who has no knowledge of who Trump is could be surprised.

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Charisma Attacks the Bee as Misleading, So the Bee Strikes Back

First- the Bee let Osteen have it.  Then the pentebabbleists got mad.  Now, the Bee strikes back, gloriously. As part of a detailed review of prominent online news outlets, a large team of fact-checkers at Snopes.com unanimously voted The Babylon Bee as … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the #NashvilleStatement


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Evangelical Marcionites

If you read the Old Testament like a series of ink blots, always seeing only Christ in it, you are an evangelical Marcionite.  You value neither Christ nor Scripture.

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Faith: An Observation

If you can leave your faith aside while you’re out in daily life and only put it on when you’re at home or Church, just go ahead and leave it aside all the time.  It’s not real. Stop pretending it … Continue reading

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It’s Carnival Time!

And it’s a good one. Jason has done a super job.

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Remember, Remember, the 25th of September

If you’re in Birmingham, or even as far away as Yorkshire or London, come on over to Newman.

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Signs of the Times

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Black and Slave: The Origins and History of the Curse of Ham

Studies of the Curse of Ham, the belief that the Bible consigned blacks to everlasting servitude, confuse and conflate two separate origins stories (etiologies), one of black skin and the other of black slavery. This work unravels the etiologies and … Continue reading

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Erasmus on Mutual Benevolence

As we were indebted in early life to our parents, teachers, and friends, for our maintenance, and for all the knowledge that was instilled into us, it becomes our duty to show our sense of the obligation, by doing everything … Continue reading

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This Month’s Free Book from Logos

Get it here.

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