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Charisma Attacks the Bee as Misleading, So the Bee Strikes Back

First- the Bee let Osteen have it.  Then the pentebabbleists got mad.  Now, the Bee strikes back, gloriously.

As part of a detailed review of prominent online news outlets, a large team of fact-checkers at Snopes.com unanimously voted The Babylon Bee as the world’s most accurate news source, Snopes editors revealed Friday.

After reviewing over 1,200 of the Bee’s articles, opinion pieces, and exclusive news stories published over the site’s eighteen months of existence, the Snopes team all agreed that the Bee was “far more accurate” than competing news sources.

“It’s not even close,” Snopes writer Kim LaCapria wrote as part of the announcement. “Whereas sites like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are constantly dropping the ball, The Babylon Bee has never gotten a single fact wrong.”

“They are the one true news source, the pinnacle of trustworthy journalism,” she added reverently.

The team of editors on the review panel stated that the key factor in the decision was the Bee’s relentless, fact-based coverage of stories like Steven Furtick’s recent multi-million dollar contract with Lakewood Church, Benny Hinn’s troubles with the IRS, and exclusive scoops on Joel Osteen’s ongoing wacky antics.

“Their stories are just too good to be made-up. They’re excellent,” another Snopes writer said.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that several Bee writers had been shortlisted for a Pulitzer Prize.

Your turn, Pentebabblers.

The Bee Stings the #NashvilleStatement


Evangelical Marcionites

If you read the Old Testament like a series of ink blots, always seeing only Christ in it, you are an evangelical Marcionite.  You value neither Christ nor Scripture.

It’s Carnival Time!

And it’s a good one. Jason has done a super job.

Remember, Remember, the 25th of September

If you’re in Birmingham, or even as far away as Yorkshire or London, come on over to Newman.

Signs of the Times

Black and Slave: The Origins and History of the Curse of Ham

Studies of the Curse of Ham, the belief that the Bible consigned blacks to everlasting servitude, confuse and conflate two separate origins stories (etiologies), one of black skin and the other of black slavery. This work unravels the etiologies and shows how the Curse, an etiology of black slavery, evolved from an earlier etiology explaining the existence of dark-skinned people. We see when, where, why, and how an original mythic tale of black origins morphed into a story of the origins of black slavery, and how, in turn, the second then supplanted the first as an explanation for black skin. In the process we see how formulations of the Curse changed over time, depending on the historical and social contexts, reflecting and refashioning the way blackness and blacks were perceived. In particular, two significant developments are uncovered. First, a curse of slavery, originally said to affect various dark-skinned peoples, was eventually applied most commonly to black Africans. Second, blackness, originally incidental to the curse, in time became part of the curse itself. Dark skin now became an intentional marker of servitude, the visible sign of the blacks’ degradation, and in the process deprecating black skin itself.

Via, with thanks to its author for pointing it out. And thanks as well to the publisher for providing a review copy. I’ve skimmed the table of contents and it looks to be a really interesting bit of research. More anon.

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