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An Honest Obituary of the Pervert Hefner

Brilliantly said.  It ends thusly, but you should read every word-

Now that death has taken him, we should examine our own sins. Liberals should ask why their crusade for freedom and equality found itself with such a captain, and what his legacy says about their cause. Conservatives should ask how their crusade for faith and family and community ended up so Hefnerian itself — with a conservative news network that seems to have been run on Playboy Mansion principles and a conservative party that just elected a playboy as our president.

You can find these questions being asked, but they are counterpoints and minor themes. That this should be the case, that only prudish Christiansand spoilsport feminists are willing to say that the man was obviously wicked and destructive, is itself a reminder that the rot Hugh Hefner spread goes very, very deep.

Another Jerome Gem

No one can be a better churchman than one who has never been a heretic – Jerome

P.J. Williams, “The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House.”

P.J. Williams, “The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House.” Early Christianity 8 (2017): 277-81.  Should you be interested, contact me privately and I will be glad to share my copy of the essay.  Here’s what Peter asserts, in part-

The overall conception of the edition has been to combine eclecticism with a radical documentary approach, defined as allowing the Greek documents themselves to play as significant a role as possible in the guiding of an eclectic edition.


Our edition is not intended to rival the Nestle-Aland edition, which will generally have a fuller apparatus and an array of information on manuscripts, citations, and cross-references for which we offer no counterpart. Nevertheless we believe that this edition is sufficiently different in its conception and in the information it provides that it should be an essential part of the Neutestamentler’s reference library. For study of the orality or poetics of the NewTestament we believe our edition should be the starting point.

Observation 2 on the New Greek New Testament by Tyndale House, Cambridge

The textual apparatus is quite intelligently and elegantly done.  Here’s Mark 16:9ff.  You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it-

Observation 1 on the New Greek New Testament by Cambridge’s Tyndale House

The font is beautiful and the new paragraph layout style is genius:

Jerome’s Advice To An Annoying Critic

Wherefore cease to worry me and to overwhelm me with your scrolls. Spare at least your money with which you hire secretaries and copyists, employing the same persons to write for you and to applaud you. Possibly their praise is due to the fact that they make a profit out of writing for you. If you wish to exercise your mind, hand yourself over to the teachers of grammar and rhetoric, learn logic, have yourself instructed in the schools of the philosophers; and when you have learned all these things you will perhaps begin to hold your tongue.

And yet I am acting foolishly in seeking teachers for one who is competent to teach everyone, and in trying to limit the utterance of one who does not know how to speak yet cannot remain silent. The old Greek proverb is quite true “A lyre is of no use to an ass.” For my part I imagine that even your name was given you out of contrariety. For your whole mind slumbers and you actually snore, so profound is the sleep—or rather the lethargy—in which you are plunged.

In fact amongst the other blasphemies which with sacrilegious lips you have uttered you have dared to say that the mountain in Daniel out of which the stone was cut without hands is the devil, and that the stone is Christ, who having taken a body from Adam (whose sins had before connected him with the devil) is born of a virgin to separate mankind from the mountain, that is, from the devil. Your tongue deserves to be cut out and torn into fragments.

Amen.  #AmIRight

Neither Would Immoral Politicians

So let’s hear Christians speak out against immoral politicians as much as they do false teachers.

Jerome’s Advice to Preachers

When teaching in church seek to call forth not plaudits but groans. Let the tears of your hearers be your glory.

A presbyter’s words ought to be seasoned by his reading of scripture. Be not a declaimer or a ranter, one who gabbles without rhyme or reason; but shew yourself skilled in the deep things and versed in the mysteries of God.

To mouth your words and by your quickness of utterance astonish the unlettered crowd is a mark of ignorance.  – St Jerome

Jeff Hood Is What Happens When Theological Ignorance Meets Cultural Subservience

The result is a bastardized pseudo-theology and pseudo-christianity not even fit for a dog.  Indeed, a dog has a clearer moral center than Hood.

The First Sampling of the Tyndale House (Cambridge) Greek New Testament…

Arrived in the mail today in a quite lovely box.  Photos below.  And for more on the project see here.

More Jerome


Zwingli: On Jerome

When asked in Einsiedeln, when he was already widely known as an expert in Scripture and its interpretation, where a new student of Scripture should begin, Zwingli remarked

“Study the Holy Scriptures, and that you may better understand them, read Saint Jerome. However, the time will soon come, with God’s help, when Christians will little esteem Saint Jerome or others, but the Word of God only.”

Later on Zwingli would come to realize that those left to Scripture alone, without the benefit of sensible guides, would become Spiritualists and Heretics.

Another Gem from Jerome

Some persons are so ignorant of themselves and so stupid and foolish that they make themselves laughing stocks to those who see them [for what they are] because of their gesture or gait or dress or conversation. — Jerome

Another Gem From Jerome

If all sinners are punished alike, it is unjust for one to be slain while another is admonished by his comrade’s death. — St Jerome

Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh…

„Luthers Eintritt in die Hölle“ von Egbert II van Hemskerck

In dem um 1700 entstandenen Werk des niederländischen Künstlers Egbert II van Heemskerck fühlt sich der Betrachter in die spätmittelalterlichen, apokalyptischen Szenarien Hieronymus Boschs versetzt. Es wimmelt von Ausgeburten der Hölle: Geflügelte und kriechende Mischwesen, skurrile, teilweise musizierende Gestalten mit verzerrten Fratzen, eine Hexe, die auf einem Besen reitet – sie alle flankieren Luther auf dem Weg vor den als riesiges Maul dargestellten Höllenschlund. Der Reformator, durch einen schwarzen Talar mit Pelzkragen und das Barett als Gelehrter charakterisiert, wird auf einem skelettierten Ungeheuer reitend mehreren infernalischen Wächtern vorgeführt. Luthers Einzug wird satirisch als Triumphzug inszeniert: Dem Reformator geht ein Fahnenträger voran, dessen Banner die Aufschrift „vivat martinvs luther“ trägt. Die Begründung für die Höllenfahrt Luthers liefert ein geflügelter Dämon in einem aufgeschlagenen Buch: „Weil er das Wort Gottes verdreht hat“.


Signs of the Times

Echo Chamber

Q&A With AJ and Marc

Over on the OUPblog: A Q&A with Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler, editors of the newly released second edition of The Jewish Annotated New Testament

First published in 2011, The Jewish Annotated New Testament was a groundbreaking work, bringing the New Testament’s Jewish background to the attention of students, clergy, and general readers.  In this new edition, eighty Jewish scholars bring together unparalleled scholarship to shed new light on the text.  This thoroughly revised and greatly expanded second edition brings even more helpful information and new insights to the study of the New Testament.

In the post, Levine and Brettler discuss Jewish-Christian relations, the idea of “holy envy” and respect for different traditions, as well as the process and importance of putting together a project such as The Jewish Annotated New Testament.

AJ is just such a delight.  I’m glad to see this VERY useful edition of the NT out in a second incarnation.

Fortress Press is Farming Out Its Biblical Studies, Theology, and Church History Monographs to Lexington Books

Lexington Books, a division of Rowman & Littlefield of Lanham, MD, and Fortress Press, a division of 1517 Media of Minneapolis, MN, announced today a joint publishing partnership. Under the agreement, the nearly seventy-title-per-year Fortress monograph program in biblical studies, theology, and Christian history will be published jointly under the Lexington Books/Fortress Academic imprint. The agreement does not cover textbooks, reference projects, or other Fortress Press initiatives.


Martin Luther: A Christian between Reforms and Modernity (1517-2017)

This new three volume work is to be published in mid October-

The three volumes present the current state of international research on Martin Luther’s life and work and the Reformation’s manifold influences on history, churches, politics, culture, philosophy, arts and society up to the 21st century. The work is initiated by the Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII (Bologna) in cooperation with the European network Refo500.