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Trump Pardoned Arpaio on Friday for Ratings and TD Jakes is Hawking his Latest Money Scheme, Today, While Houston Suffers

Jakes tweeted 3 hours ago- Every single one of you who send this clown money deserve to lose every penny you have.  He isn’t doing God’s work, and you aren’t supporting any ministry- you’re supporting a con man who cares … Continue reading

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Ed Young, Joel Osteen and TD Jakes… Houston’s Silent Millionaires and Hurricane Harvey

So, given their resources and their massive bank accounts funded by the fleeced flocks they deceive weekly, what exactly are these three pseudo-Christians doing to help their city?  Opening their churches to the displaced?  Paying for hotel rooms and food … Continue reading

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Storm and Luther’s Forbidden Letter

I mentioned this film some time ago and was very pleased to watch a subtitled version and review it.  Now, brilliantly, the producers and distributors have made an English version! When his father is arrested for printing a forbidden letter … Continue reading

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If Augustine Had Actually Done That, I’d Like Him a Lot More Than I Do…

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The eBay experience

Originally posted on Roberta Mazza:
It is a while that I am chasing my Turkish friend Mixantik-Ebuyerrrr, who is selling his papyrus fragments and other merchandise via eBay since 2008. Although he likes to call himself Robert, we actually know…

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You’re Foolish if You Expected Joel Osteen to Care About Anyone but Joel Osteen

Celebrity pastor Joel Osteen is drawing intense criticism online for keeping his megachurch closed during Hurricane Harvey and instead offering social media promises of prayers. The “prosperity gospel” minister preaches at a 16,800-seat arena at Lakewood Church near downtown Houston, … Continue reading

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What Luther Would Write Against Antifa and The Klan and their Violent Protests

Therefore, dear lords, here is a place where you can release, rescue, help. Have mercy on these poor people! Let whoever can stab, smite, slay. If you die in doing it, good for you! A more blessed death can never … Continue reading

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Commentary Sale

From now through midnight Eastern Time on 29 August you can get the Commentary for 50% off in celebration of my birthday.  It’s my gift to you. The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series is the only series of Commentaries written … Continue reading

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More on the Einsiedeln Zwingli Text

Der Historiker Urs Leu von der Zürcher Zentralbibliothek hat letzte Woche in einem Buch der Klosterbibliothek Einsiedeln handschriftliche Notizen Zwinglis gefunden. In einem Kodex aus dem 9. Jahrhundert hat der Zürcher Reformator drei kurze Sätze an den Rand notiert, bestätigte … Continue reading

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We’ve All Known Pat Robertson’s only ‘god’ Was Money for Literally Decades

In a surprisingly candid interview with Vox, a former producer of Pat Robertson’s 700 Club television show said the evangelist was more concerned with raking in cash than using the Bible to save souls. No duh.  The only people who didn’t know this … Continue reading

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On Your Day, St Augustine…

Adolf von Harnack wrote of you Augustine comes before us, in the first place, as a reformer of Christian piety, altering much that belonged to vulgar Catholicism, and carrying out monotheism strictly and thoroughly. He gave the central place to … Continue reading

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St Jerome Was Smarter Than St Augustine

Jerome knew, for instance, that the reason people made no time to worship God was because they love other things more than they love God.  Or, in his words, Men invariably worship what they like best. – St. Jerome That simple … Continue reading

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