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Harvey Horror

The Director of Fema pretty much sums up the situation when he says that Hurricane Harvey is probably the worst disaster in Texas history.

William “Brock” Long, newly installed as director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said in an interview a few weeks ago that there was one thing that worried him most when it comes to natural disasters: “You know what’s keeping me up at night? This country has not been hit by a major hurricane since 2005.”

That was the right thing to worry about, it turns out. Long, just two months on the job, is coordinating the federal response to Hurricane Harvey — the first Category 3 or greater storm to hit the U.S. in 12 years — and its lethal aftermath.

The storm has produced catastrophic flooding across thousands of square miles of south and Southeast Texas. Rain continues to fall in historic quantities. Rivers are rising to levels never before seen. People have taken refuge in attics or on rooftops awaiting rescue.

“This will be a devastating disaster, probably the worst disaster the state’s seen,” Long told The Washington Post on Sunday in a telephone interview from FEMA headquarters in Washington.

Pray for the people of East Texas.  And put feet to your prayers and help as you are able.

Your Daily Dose of Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

Do Pentebabbleists ever study Theology?  I mean really study it?  Or is their Montanism enough?

Disaster Relief

If you’re looking for a way to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey, I recommend Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief.  The Red Cross uses lots of the money you send it for overhead.  The SBC doesn’t.  And the SBC works on the ground providing meals (which the Red Cross distributes, in many instances not mentioning the fact that those very meals were provided by others) and other critical aid and has for many decades.

Southern Baptists do Disaster Relief better than anyone else.  And you can trust them to use your money in the wisest and most helpful ways.

SBDR teams will be on the ground for months to come. Will you join us in supporting our volunteers as they work tirelessly to care for strangers, neighbors, families and friends?

Any donation will equip our volunteers to operate units and provide hot showers, fresh laundry, homemade meals and a kind face to confide in. It’s only possible through your generosity.

Be part of Christ’s love in action, today. And please pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey’s destruction. Thank you.

Send Hope. Send Help. Send Relief.

What Kind of Woman is Paula White, The President’s* ‘Spiritual Advisor’? Why She’s An Adulterer of Course

And we all knew it back in 2010.

America is a Sick Land…

America is a sick land when a guy who loses one fight makes more for doing so than 99% will earn in their lifetime. And sicker when the guy who wins, wins even more.

Quote of the Month

Es tut mir leid, dass im Titel alle “Evangelikale” in einen Topf geworfen werden. Das ist undifferenziert, auch unfair. Aber leider scheint eine Mehrheit der amerikanischen Christen, die sich so bezeichnen, hinter dieser rassistischen Politik zu stehen. — Catherine McMillan Haueis

Couldn’t have said it better.

Downtown Houston at 12:10 this Morning (Eastern Time)

Via twitter-


Here’s a picture from first light in Houston this morning.  The city is under water and days of rain are still to come.  This is a dreadful disaster.