Pentebabbleist Denunciations

When Bill Clinton was President, Pat Robertson and his ilk blamed every natural disaster that came along on Presidential misdeeds.  The same was true when Barack Obama was President.  Curiously, that wasn’t the case when either of the Bush’s were President nor has it been the case during the Trump ‘Presidency*’.

Clearly, then, for Robertson and the other weather/ nature interpreting Pentebabbleists it really isn’t about God’s purported will (which they don’t know anyway); it’s about a political statement.

If you want to find a false teacher, look for inconsistency.  Where there is inconsistency, there is falsehood.  The greatest sign of false teaching is inconsistent teaching

Pat Robertson et al are false teachers.  No Christian should follow them.  None.  To do so is to attach oneself to heresy.