When The Church Becomes Mirror Instead of Witness… This Is What Happens

This is a perfect, text book example of the unfortunate results of the Church losing focus on its purpose and its calling.

The Church is called to be Light and Salt, not Mirror and Sugar.  Lights generate their own illumination; mirrors merely reflect back what is generated elsewhere.  Sugar only sweetens and makes rotten; whilst salt preserves and flavors.

It may seem wise and even proper for those who lack theological substance for the Church to sling back to society what society slings at it; but this is nothing less than an abandonment of the duty and calling of the Church.

‘You are the light of the world.  A city set on a hill cannot be hidden’.  And yet churches like this one and so many others have indeed become hidden.  Hidden in the shadow of the world; having abandoned their uniqueness and the Gospel itself.

If your Church sign could fit on a campaign poster or advertising slogan then you’ve lost the plot.  Get yourselves some theologians.  If your Pastor can’t be distinguished from the president of the Rotarians, get yourself a new Pastor or go somewhere one actually is.

The very reason that the Church is so widely disregarded is because it in too many instances wants to be just like the world and in too many cases it is nothing more than a paltry mirror showing the world simply what it wishes to see.