A Fun Fact About Rudolf Bultmann

According to his biographer, Konrad Hammann, Bultmann either sent or received around 20,000 pieces of correspondence over the course of his career!

That’s a lot of mail!  And none of it was electronic!!!!

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  1. In reality, the great man Rudolf Bultmann.. he no doubt did not sit much in front of the TV box, or as I call it, ‘the one eyed demon’..lol. In some ways, his – the bare fact of Christ crucified is quite enough for real faith. Or as Luther, a Crucified God. Bultmann at Marburg, was always something Lutheran yes?


  2. I was reflecting on pre-tech writing the other day. One of the profs was sharing their experience writing their thesis back in the days of typewriters. Thinking about how much editing I do I can’t imagine having to do this by hand.

    Colour me impressed.


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