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A Question or Two for the Members of Churches

If your church were only open when you were there, how often would it be open? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year?  Ever?  What’s more important than worship to you?

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A Fun Fact About Rudolf Bultmann

According to his biographer, Konrad Hammann, Bultmann either sent or received around 20,000 pieces of correspondence over the course of his career! That’s a lot of mail!  And none of it was electronic!!!!

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For Brits It’s Always About the Parking…

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Peter Berger: On Bultmann and Pentecostalism and Bultmann’s Sudden Relevance, Again

Thanks to the Eerdmans folk on Facebook for mentioning this essay (which I nonetheless had no knowledge of) – Some Theologians Never Die—They Just Wait to be Googled. Berger actually does a fair job. Or, as I remark there, it’s … Continue reading

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If Your Church has a ‘Praise Band’ or ‘Orchestra’…

Calvin has something to say- “With respect to the tabret, harp, and psaltery, we have formerly observed, and shall find it necessary afterwards to repeat the same remark, that the Levites, under the law, were justified in making use of … Continue reading

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The Liberty University Students Returning their Diplomas to Protest Trump, and Falwell

These kids have more sense than the President of Liberty U.  And are better Christians. A group of alumni from one of the country’s most influential evangelical Christian universities is condemning their school’s president for his continued alignment with President … Continue reading

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Rudolf Bultmann: Scholar of Faith

Here’s a great essay for your reading pleasure: Rudolf Bultmann — who died on July 30, 1976 at the advanced age of 91 — was the last of the theological giants who grew up in the universities of the Kaiser’s … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

First, in 1524, on 20 August, Zwingli published his delightful REPLY OF HULDREICH ZWINGLI TO JEROME EMSER, DEFENDER OF THE CANON OF THE MASS and second, on 20 August, 1530, his justly famous SERMON ON THE PROVIDENCE OF GOD appeared … Continue reading

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The Best Introduction To Bultmann

Decades ago Morris Ashcraft wrote the definitive exposition of the theology of Rudolf Bultmann.  It also went out of print decades ago and became a classic in the meanwhile. Hendrickson has, thankfully, republished this masterpiece in paperback and made it … Continue reading

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Bultmann Was A Giant Long Before He Died

Der Spiegel carried this report about the great man and those who were in 1966 protesting him! RUDOLF BULTMANN ist neben Karl Barth der bedeutendste und zugleich der umstrittenste Theologe der Gegenwart. Die Schüler und Anhänger des 81jährigen Marburger Protestanten vergleichen … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of Bultmann’s Birth. Oh Boy!

Here’s the great one himself:   And yes, all the great ones (except Zwingli) were born in August.

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